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  1. They said its been delayed but the open playtest is up so that's a big thing
  2. Yeah i see what you mean I'm taking it as test it and see for now. I'm probably going to give the "snub" to the P90 as a base. I really like the idea of using some pathfinder/3.5 weapon properties to make things different maybe using pathfinder 2E with special properties depending on the type of weapon.
  3. so 6m is closer to 20ft but im planing on just making a square 1m so its about the same as 30ft in 5E. I do believe the equipment is a little lacking in some ways (keep in mind is very Beta) but I think im going to house rule some different guns within the base in the game. The truth is a rifle is very long ranged in real life and range is the advantage over the staff weapon and zats. If you are worried about physical map size just cut everything in half
  4. As annoyed i am on the silence here i was just on there twitter and yesterday they posted about the kickstarter coming out soon. Still would like to see somthing.
  5. I do hope we see something soon a date or something. I'm so excited for this game I want to start planing stuff out ASAP.
  6. I'm excited to see how the leveling works with the feats and such it sounds like 5e meets pathfinder 2e. I'm also excited to see what they do with the "magic" idea. I hope we get the open playtest soon
  7. I believe SGP is more a location for the story of the game but the rules and what not could be used for a homebrew of the SGC. They stated in the interview that they will have a story recap of the show to the point the game takes place so its not ignoring anything. In fact that's why they made the SGP so they can make a new canon story. Finally the SGP is still run by the military its just not all Tau'ri.
  8. From what I've seen they are focusing on the SG-1 setting and ideas in this one. I have seen them talk about if the game sells well they will do Atlantis and beyond. This book starts around mid season 6 but they are focusing on new characters so i do not believe we will see stats of the shows characters, or at least not multiple versions.
  9. Oh man this made me so happy to see. I can't wait for the kickstarter and the open play test!
  10. I believe Tau'ri should be a variant human option. I'm all for Phoenix site but i want to have my players be a mixed team because I have a few that are not as versed in the lore. If its all new and strange to their characters i don't need to make or explain seasons of the show to them.
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