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  1. Looks awesome love the stargate model
  2. I noticed there was a map pinning where people were in the playtest group. Seemed to be mostly people in the states, as a bloke who lives across the pond in the UK. I was curious to know where people come from. also good to keep the forums active Jenbuu
  3. Im hyped for this, i think im going to have to break the boxsets out again and have another viewing. When was the last time that you watched the entire series. I have to say its about 2 years for me now. I've just done startrek TNG, and half way through DS9 so need a change in universe
  4. I miss universe I did like that series. Spose we'll see sg1 first then go from there
  5. 3d printing is sweet, its a hobby of mine too. I remember seeing on a facebook group a lifesize stargate print. looked fantastic.
  6. landscape is always good. If you had a portrait one it could be harder to look over and interact with people. but the DM screen is an important piece of equipment for a DM in my eyes
  7. Hello all! just wanted to pop by and say hello. Love stargate and very interested in seeing how this all turns out Been playing and Dming 5e for ages now, always like a good game hope to be jumping through the stargate with people soon Jenbuu
  8. Glad it got a positive feed back, looking forward to seeing it more in the future
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