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  1. Default 5E standpoint: "If a character would gain the same proficiency from two different sources, he or she can choose a different proficiency of the same kind (skill or tool) instead." (PHB 10th printing, p125) It would make sense for that rule to be carried over. However, since SG-1 isn't D&D, the developers will need to explicitly state it. Overall, more skill choice for the classes is probably a good idea. Give them a core skill or two, then 'chose one/two from (list)' feels balanced.
  2. A bonus feat for all characters is a lateral shift. It would generally equate to about a mission's worth of XP (probably disallow feats that cost 8-9MP). It might let someone pick up a skill the group doesn't have or round out a class's weapon choice. Overall, it changes very little; it wouldn't break the game to start everyone with a feat in the 3-5MP range or even just give them 5MP to spend at start. It it isn't necessary, and it doesn't break anything, so either way should be fine.
  3. It is the same. The chart was left out of version 02.23.2020, but is included in version 03.17.2020 on page 19.
  4. This seems like a feature, not a bug. One of the issues with level 1 5E is the combat lethality, since level 1 characters don't have access to the mitigation options that later levels offer. Nearly every level 1 fight I've seen in 5E either drops a PC or has at least one at 2-3 HP. Here, the excess HP at level one gives the protagonists more breathing room. CR1 Jaffa for our level 1 character: AC 12, HP 20. Presuming protag has a 1d10 longarm, without then with automatic. No other relevant factors for protag. Without automatic fire: 5(ish) rounds. With automatic fire: 4(ish) rounds (but 12 capacity spent). Meanwhile, the Jaffa has Dex 12, Prof 2, Ma'Tok, but no other relevant factors: Kills in 11(ish) rounds due to low accuracy... but decent odds of one-shot on a crit (avg damage of Ma'Tok on crit is 21 hp). That Ma'Tok still seems pretty darn lethal at level 1. Without giving PCs an extra 10 hp, it looks like any hit has a decent chance of being lethal. However, it isn't supposed to be a solo level 1 PC against a CR1 enemy. It should be 3-5 level 1 PCs against a lone CR1 enemy. Presuming all the level 1 PCs are equally (in)capable, your fight isn't likely to last more than 2-3 rounds... which is typical for 5E.
  5. Dairy Cow: AC 15, HP 105 (p 190) Longarm: 1d10 piercing, dex based, 50 capacity (p 60) Test 1: Random level 1 character. No dex mod, +2 prof, no other relevant factors. Hits on 13+ and deals 5.5 hp, adjusted damage 1.925hp. Dead cow in: 55(ish) shots. Our level 1 has to reload. Test 2: Random level 1 character. No dex mod, +2 prof, automatic weapon (advantage). Effectively hits on 8+ and deals 5.5 hp, adjusted damage 3.575hp. Dead cow in: 30(ish) shots, but uses 90 capacity. Our level 1 still has to reload and uses a lot more bullets. Test 3: Random level 1 character with Dex 16 (+3 to hit and damage), +2 prof, no other relevant factors. Hits on 10+, deals 8.5 hp, adjusted damage 4.675hp. Dead cow in: 23(ish) shots. No need to reload. Observation: Dex matters when shooting. Test 4: Level 5 character with no dex mod, +3 prof (presuming 3), Attack Specialist with longarms, no other relevant factors Hits on 12+, deals 11hp, adjusted damage 4.95hp. Dead cow in: 21(ish) shots. No need to reload. Observation: Attack Specialist matters. Test 5: Level 5 character, Dex 16 (+3 hit and damage), prof +3, Attack Specialist with longarms, automatic weapon Hits on 4+, deals 14hp, adjusted damage 11.2hp. Dead cow in: 10(ish) shots, but uses 30 capacity. No need to reload. Observation: Someone who's good at killing things kills them much faster. Test 6: Colonel Cow Killer. Also called Death-of-Cows, Taurus Trasher, the first of his name. No cow lasts long under his withering automatic fire. Level 17, Dex 20 (+5 hit and damage), prof +6, Attack Ace with long arms, automatic weapon, Crosstrained in Organ Targeting, two levels of Vanguard, spent downtime in a Rank 5 Armory. Basically always hits; average damage of 74hp. Dead Cow in: 2 actions, unless they crit or surge. So... how many shots from a military rifle from a soldier should kill a cow? The internet has failed me on this one, apparently there have been no extensive tests done. I agree that the idea of a trained soldier firing at a cow for a solid minute before the cow realizes its dead and falls over is a little farcical. But there are definitely ways to make things go faster. The question then becomes, how fast should our hypothetical bullet sponge cow die? How much of an investment should it take to make the cow die faster? Colonel Cow Killer there has used 39 of 120 points to buy those feats, and there are definitely other things that could stack in. Unrelated: Does anywhere in the book actually list the proficiency bonus for levels? I'm presuming it works like 5E, and there is a reference to levels 1 to 20, but nothing that specifically says 'proficiency bonus increases'.
  6. The basis for CR has been modified. In 5E, CR is based primarily on HP and damage dealt. Here, it seems CR is based on various factors depending on the type of enemy. For beasts, the primary determinant seems to be size and how many abilities it has. Given how vast a departure this is from 5E, if you have experience in that system, a lot of the results will seem weird. And some choices seem weird regardless; dairy cows and draft horses are rather large creatures. The idea that a human can inflict the grappled condition on either seems very curious. That a draft horse can straight up beat a lion in a fight also seems curious. Kittens, regardless of surliness, will have a lot of trouble getting their claws deep enough to damage muscle, let alone viscera. Given the existence of the 'nope-nope' spider, I suspect some of these are inside jokes.
  7. I am acting like the developers have produced a rule system, based on 5E, that has made some changes and not made others. Our job isn't to rewrite the game for them. Our job is to test the system, and offer corrections on grammar, spelling and word choice. I have indeed read the playtest materials. More than once! I'm looking forward to testing some of the interesting ideas found within. Changes that were made months ago, during development. The public playtest will be over in about two months (less now, I believe). This is not the time to make broad changes to a system, especially broad changes that increase complexity for new gamers. This is the time to 'test' via 'play' the systems that are there and then to offer what insight you have. You asked for opinions in your thread header; opinions you did get. If you believe your opinion is the best way to proceed, hash it out; there's at least one person interested enough in your idea to refine it. Further conversation may draw out more. I'm only responding to you because you are directing responses to me. My opinion is stated; unless you need a clarification from me, direct your energy towards people you might sway.
  8. Because the developers did not choose to alter 5Es base saves. Thus, SG-1 uses multiple saves. Your proposition adds complexity; I feel that additional complexity is detrimental. It makes encounter design and resolution more complex, especially for newer GMs. Given that Stargate is a well-known media property that's been around for over twenty years, there is a good chance it will attract players who remember SG-1 but are new to role-playing. Additional armor complexity would be best addressed in a later book, perhaps a book focusing on gear, weapons and tactics of the various races, or a book on 'advanced combat'.
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