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  1. The thing I will most interested in seeing is an Exploration generation ruleset. That was what I enjoyed the most when playing the previous SG RPG. There are quite a few systems with novel ways of generating exploration content. Roll a few charts to create the world entering (climate, culture encountered, etc). As well as some generic random encounter/mishap charts similar to those found in Forbidden Lands (my current fav exploration RPG).
  2. I would like to see classes having a limited effect on the types of characters created. I don't like systems where certain classes are needed to have a balanced group. I would prefer classes to grant bonuses for certain things rather than having exclusive uses of certain skills. Like scientists getting better checks at figuring out Goa'uld tech, linguists getting better checks to figure out new languages, fighters at fighting, etc. If this is just another d20 Modern clone, I will be saddened but still play it. The old AEG version was an okay game. There was nothing special to really set it apart.
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