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  1. I'm just not a fan of multi classing. But that just a personal preference.
  2. Have you taken the time to consider for small companies having someone just to work on the hype train is taking the cost of at least one employee that could be making the game and diverting it, to post all the time. Whereas having the playtester post positive reviews that are genuine is probably better marketing, then the million of posts from the company that just feel like they are shouting look at us. I rather the company devote the resources needed to making the game and getting the rules and the final product worked out. I mean I rather have a book in the end that has good production quality, than good marketing pitch but get a product that has spelling mistakes, rules that are difficult to follow or understand.
  3. The series was never consistent in its handling of Zat depiction. Like the disintegration act was really only seen if they needed in the episode to disappear bodies and that from the first episode you saw them be used afterwards it barely mentioned. The kill shot is barely used, they are used primarily for their stun effect but it never established is getting hit a second time while stunned is what kills you. Or is there a duration effect, so after 5 minutes, another shot just stuns the person in question? But that is based on the show. How do you translate that into a game. To make it fair even those things could fire off shots like mad. One shot per turn. I think it should be a roll to see if you hit. Cause in D&D armour class takes into account weather the opponent is potentially dodging the blow or can twist in such a way the blow doesn't land true. I think after being hit. It should be a con save to see if you can recover from the effects of the shot, unless there a tech or race immunity.
  4. Well D&D does race and class. So race would be self evident for what that would do in a stargate game. But classes are not clear cut in stargate. I mean Sam Carter is a scientist but is also a soldier so is that going to be multitasking. Or do have you class as the basic role you fulfil in the team, which give you basic abilities in line with that role. But then you have additional points to spend on buying secondary abilities. So you could play as the archaeologist of the group but because of some of the more treacherous areas you been doing digs in, you pointed out to be able to handle guns for your own defense and thus become more rounded out. Or do you double down on being uber geek?
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