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  1. I am definitely interested! where do I need to go and what next?
  2. Howdy! Is there any way to get access to download the episode if we didn't run anything for GenCon online? I might have a group interested, but I'd like to have a couple of episode available before I pull the trigger and shove them through the gate.. lol
  3. Hi all! im sad to say it has been quite a while since I watched any of the Stargate shows. That is one reason I love the new game, because it inspires me to go back and rediscover some old friends I get a couple hours here and there to indulge, so I bring it to the universe... what do you feel are the essential episodes to watch to be ready for the game’s timeline?
  4. Howdy Distant neighbor! NW Arkansas here, and a bit jealous you got to play already.
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