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  1. Voted for Jaffa Soldier. We see more Jaffa than to the other choices across the series, so I think this pregen preview would be the best one to see first. It best serves as a gage of the power levels and mechanics to expect from the game since it is the type of character fans of the series are most familiar with both as potential PCs and likely opponents. That, and the Jaffa are just cool. Indeed.
  2. I've played a few con games using the old Stargate RPG game from Alderac, mostly at Kublacon in California. I was planning on running a con game set in the Stargate universe using the Savage Worlds system for Kublacon in 2020 before I had heard about the new system.
  3. Hello, all! I am a longtime Stargate fan, longtime role-player, freelance writer, and proud father of several new generation player fans as well. Currently stationed outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but looking forward to embarking on new missions through the 'Gate!
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