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  1. Hello mates. I know I am late to the party but is there still room?
  2. Just for reference I am in AEST.
  3. Hello there. If you got any slots open I wouldn't mind playing. I live in the AEST timezone.
  4. Helloe there. I would be interested in playing if you got room, I have the nondisclosure material although I haven't been up to date in a while. If you let me play I will get that squared away a soon as possible.
  5. It wasn't the one where Colonel Jack O'Neill uses the second Ancient Repository (Lost City Part 1 (S7, E21), (Sorry melded two episodes together)), It was at the start of Fallen (S7, E1)
  6. I may be remembering this wrong. It was never used but in the episode (can't remember the name) that Dr Daniel Jackson retakes human form on the planet where Colonel Jack O'Neill uses the second Ancient Repository, one of the members of SG-3 was carrying a Barrett M82 Sniper Rifle, (It was only in passing though)
  7. They might be placeholders, if not bring a JDAM.
  8. I think it is just a fun little thing to add, there are some for the SGC and Atlantis, the only differance here is the logo and Phoenix site
  9. Not sure what is going on with it, but it is a good idea. Here is another one. https://discord.gg/aKrpSK (If it is a mod problem let me know)
  10. What is the go with the server, I was removed.
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