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  1. I have been playing a fair bit of starfinder (a SciFi version of pathfinder) and that would work well with a Stargate DnD but I am still looking forward to see how they manage the system
  2. G'day guys I come from can demons land which is off the coast of new Holland or as it is currently know as Tasmania and Australia, been a massive Stargate fan since I saw my first episode after sneaking out of bed to watch it on late night tv. Since then I have watched every season and movie so many times I can tell you what will happen in an episode after the first few seconds, been an avid dnd fan for many years and currently play starfinder which is DnD but in space. Lovely to meet you all and say hello if your ever in my end of the world
  3. Is there any further information for the Feb Kickstarter date? February is almost over and there hasn't been as much as a peep anywhere about this
  4. Interested to see how the balance having to multiclass past level 5. Would prefer to go to 20 in the same class with the option to multiclass. That being said I am glad there is a sg1 table top game coming out, was looking at running a homebrew session based of starfinder
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