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  1. So that leads me to another question. What is the point of the Soldier's ability to add a free longarm upgrade to their base kit for free if you can have any you want at no cost? Thanks all.
  2. We are two weeks out from game and the excitement is high. Character creation is working very well for all. We have some soft converting from our old Alderac game and some brand new characters. One question came up... Weapon Mods. Is there a rule about how many a player can put on weapons? Scout has 3 weapons with about 4 mods each. Do you just choose any you want? Thanks all!
  3. We have been using the above but was hoping for an official, not beta sheet. For now the form-fillable is great if you could just print it empty.
  4. Along with this, is there a character sheet that is blank? You cannot erase all the items on the form fillable character sheets. Would like one that can be printed and handed out. There is not one in the book and I do not want to use the Beta one. Thanks for any insight!
  5. I am not sure the usefulness of the Soldier ability to gain one upgrade to a weapon. In the Equipment chapter on page 67. It states a longarm can have any number of upgrades. The way I understand the rules, you are allowed to create your own longarms by taking the base weapon and adding any number of upgrades. If that is the case, why give the Soldier can ability everyone can do anyway? Does this assume you can only use the weapons detailed in the book? In the weapons section it seems like the Gatemaster/player is encouraged to create their own weapons. Can you clarify this? Thanks so much.
  6. I cannot find this in the rules. I assume if you do not have a proficiency in a weapon you can still use it correct? You would just have a d20 + ability mod only to attack? Or is it a roll at disadvantage? Thanks all.
  7. I agree with some of your statements. And as the series progressed, the rebellions did become more of a focus but it never overshadowed the fight of the Tuari. The Tuari lead the fight. The game does not have to be all about the SGC, but it should be one of the main focuses with the military side as a big part. SGP seems to me as a great location sourcebook more than a main focus for the overall game. That being said, I am excited to see a Stargate game in print again.
  8. I so hope Earthers are a focus in the game. I see the Dev said they will be an option. Don't know what that means for the overall feel of the setting they are creating. The reason I love Stargate is that with all the crazy tech and villains, it is about humans, military service people going out and getting the job done. Stargate is military scifi, not space fantasy. The latter seems to be the way Wyvern is going. I hope not. All of the source material still centers around human characters with fun aliens added, not aliens with the quirky human. If that is the way the game is going, I can play Starfinder for that and the old AEG game for the Stargate feel. That being said, I am still on board to try it and my group would look to playtest.
  9. I have been a long time GM for the Stargate AEG version. I cannot wait for the Kickstarter. Do you have hints about the open playtest? Also, would love to see an option for dogs and handlers in the game. Like ones attached to Marines and SF soldiers. With Rangers for 5e, may be possible?
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