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  1. Hi all! I'm from Barcelona (Catalonia) and I just discovered this project. It expect it will release some interesting material. In our club we are running our 2nd campaign on Stargate setting. In fact we are finishing it as I'm the DM and the writer and I see how theay are reaching the ending of the story. In first campaing we played 22 game sessions during 2016 and 2017 and in this 2nd campaign we have already played 15 sessions. So more or less it will be the same. We use Pathfinder+little house rules and it fits good. Just erased all magic and spells that cannot be "explained" by technology. I selected and accepted from players some feats from original RPG Stargate SG-1 game and Star Wars D20 (both d20 system, version 3.0 of DnD). Months ago we introduced some starship mechanics inspired in those from Starfinder (never played a game yet, although I see a lot of interesing things to export to Stargate). Its amaizing to see how the group makes an infiltration into an enemy Ha'tak and after killing those in the bridge handles to manage and steal it. We have a dozen of one-shot games that run very well on local meetings, even to introduce new players to rpg. On those, players join the SG-31 team while on campaing the usual players run SG-29 team. It's good to see that interest in Stargate franchise isn't lost and this new project is under production. Sure it will be in my shelter. In case you have any interest, this is an url of a friend that lists content and information about different RPG -official or not- and includes a Stargate section [in catalan] https://sites.google.com/site/elrefugidelargonauta/stargate-pathfinder
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