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  1. Many games have very interesting features. Below are my favorites: -Rules that allows GM's to use NPC's in combat without rolling dice (Example: Cinamatic Unisystem Muscle, Combat, or Brains Score / Dungeon World). -NPC creation system that allows to automatically scale when the characters are of higher level (Spycraft 2.0) -Savage World Adventure deck -Gear Cards -Virtual Table Top content (example: https://www.rptools.net/) -3D printing miniatures content (STL files) -Combat rules that use detailed maps movements but also leave room for a more general position instead of detailed movement. -Investigate rules like the Gumshoe system (lorefinder https://site.pelgranepress.com/index.php/lorefinder/) -Detailed starship combat (Fasa Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat simulator). -Martial Arts and specific Weapon Feats (D20 Classic Spycraft or Spycraft 2.0). -Detailed Alien and Starship creation rules (Various RPG's). -Psionic class/feats options (Spycraft 1.0 or other RPG's) -Detailed Military info and class/feats options ( Classic Spycraft: US Militaries and World Militaries). -Dual measurements metric and imperial (Meters/Yards, Celsius/Fahrenheit,..)
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