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  2. Wat is the status of the book at this point and is there an ETA when it will be finished?
  3. Iki

    My ideas

    You can find my latest file as an attachment. -Modified the Warrior Class -Added new Origins -Added and Modified varius Combat Expertise and Technical Expertise Feats -Added and modified Facilities -Modified the racial Ability of the Satedans. As always feedback is more than welkom. Stargate Ideas - Final v5.docx
  4. Iki

    My ideas

    You can find my latest file as an attachment. -Modified some races (Asgard, and Wraith) -Modified Wraith Racial -Added Age rules -Added new Combat Expertise Feats. -Started working on Jaffa Weapons -Added Tech level 3 and 4 weapon creation guidelines As always feedback is more than welkom. Joeri Stargate Ideas - Final v5.docx
  5. Iki

    My ideas

    You can find my latest file as an attachment. -Simplified the races (giving them the choice which proficiency to take) -Modified some races (Noxian Pasisfist, Tok'ra,...) -Added new races (Salish, Ilempiri, Serrakin, Spirits, and Stragoth) -New Racial Feats -New Origins -New equipment (Drawing kit, Photography Kit, Surveillance kit,...) Stargate Ideas - Final v5.docx
  6. Iki

    My ideas

    You can find my latest file as an attachment. -Expand the Melee weapons and Ranged weapons -Revised several species (Asgard, Unity, and Ohnes) + added new ones (Wraith, Genii, Athosians, Setedans) -Aerial Combat (Added the cloak action) -Starships modified some material (added shields, turrents,...) -Modified some feats Stargate Ideas - Final v5.docx
  7. Iki

    My ideas

    Here you can find my latest version: -Added other Alien races + creation rules for creating your own Races -Added and modified different Origins + creation rules for creating your own Origins -Use both the metric and the imperial system (You get better coverage of the game over the whole world by incorporating them both) -4 combat classes and 4 non-battle classes (redesigned them so that they are mathematically correct) (added rules for creating your own class) *Diplomat *Engineer *Infiltrator *Medic *Scientist
  8. Iki

    My ideas

    Thanks. I made additional changes: -Added Hok'taur -Removed the Adept, Martial Artist, and Gunslinger Class. -Added the Warrior Class -Changed the Officer to the Tactician Class -Made some additional changes to all the classes so that they are more balanced (mathematical). -Added Psychic Powers -Removed the Pilot skill and aal vehicles are tool proficiencies -Organised some of the feats As always feedback is more than welkom. Stargate Ideas - Final v3.docx
  9. Iki

    My ideas

    Here you can find the ideas I'm curentely working on. As always feedback is more than welkom. Stargate Ideas - Final v2.docx
  10. The DnD 5E Dungeon master guide (pg 267 - 268) has already listed various modern weapons. I includes some of my own ideas and I came up with the following: Weapon: Tech Level: Damage: Type: Weapon Category: Range: Capacity: Reload: Bulk: Flamethrower
  11. After consulting the DnD 5E Dungeonmaster guide and some ideas of my own I came up with these. Flamethrower 2 2d10 Fire Flamethrower Special 15m line or 10m cone 2 Ammunition, reload, two-handed Grenade - Fragmentation 2 4d6 Force Throwing 4m/18m — 1 per 3 Thrown Grenade - Smoke
  12. My take on the Officer (Tactician) and the Warrior Officer (tactician): Hit Die: 10 (1st Level) + D10/Level (5) 1 Level: Feature: Combat Proficiencies: Choose 6 3 1 Orders 1st Tactic Tool Proficiencies:
  13. A new update: Added several new feats and alien races. Added rules for aiming and suppressive fire (included in the help action) Stargate Classless Recent.docx
  14. I worked further and made some changes. I removed the Origins and added the MP points to the Starttng points and changed some of those ability in feats. Combat feat renamed to the new specialist feat Warrior Added new feats Air Assault training Amphibius assault training Bomb Squad Cover Fire Ma'Tok Mastery Ritual of Life Equipment: Added and reworked Equipment Back Pack Desert Suit Disguise Kit Scuba gear Sensors Vehicles Hazmat suit Space Suit Navigator tools
  15. The document you find below is an experiment at a Classless Stargate 5E RPG. So any sugesstions and comments are more than welcome. I also included different ideas I had about the game when I compared it to the original DnD 5E (Xanathar's Guide to Everything and the DnD 5E handbook), and comments that different members added to my suggestions. The document is far from finished but you can already have an idea about how I try to achieve a classless 5E system. Leveling: As you earn MP you spend it directly on purchasing feats. These feats cover a wide va
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