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  1. Yeah that's a pretty beastly weapon. I've never played the AEG version of the game. But if AEG was the last company to have its license then it makes sense that a new version is ready to be deployed considering AEG has had a major face-lift. I'm honestly surprised FFG didn't scoop up the opportunity. I definitely see this game as a prime game to make several Proprietary dice for as FFG is oft want to do LOL! But I for one am glad that Wyvern is using the 5e SRD I hate proprietary anything! but I digress Its always difficult to match lore up with game rules. Take space marines from 40k for instance...an entire ork waagh can be put down by only five or so but its not exactly fair to have super warriors. same is true with the staff weapon. we shall see! addendum:: maybe in addition to its other properties maybe it will provide a bonus to intimidation rolls or something of the like considering it is the most commonly employed weapon of the Jaffa and like ol' BahamutA6M5 said "it inspires dread..."
  2. February...time to spend about a paychecks worth on this project!
  3. I can see its final stat block looking kinda like this; Staff Weapon: (monetary cost if any) 1d6 Bludgeoning (weight) versatile 1d8 / Ranged 10/100 1d10 Radiant Something like that at least. now i haven't seen ANYTHING of this game prototype but it keeps being said its based on the 5e SRD so I can pretty much assume as to how things may behave.
  4. this is very true to the core aesthetic of the series and hopefully the game. However I do know that its not just the tau'ri taking the fight to the goa'uld. As far as the trials and tribulations of the SGC on earth we have pretty much seen all there is to be seen from that particular perspective. where making the Humans of Earth an option and not the core focus hints that this particular incarnation of the game is most likely going to be centrally focused on the rebellions of the other Xenos against their oppressors! either way this game is going to be the bomb diggity.
  5. Does the development team plan on having any miniatures made for this game? is it going to be something we could perhaps kickstart? I know I for one would kickstart the heck out of some miniatures! i mean think about it! an aspiring "mission commander" gathers their friends around the table to try out the new Stargate RPG not only do they whip out enough books for everyone at the table but they also have plenty of minuatrues and maybe even some paper maps to make this inaugural session an immersive and memorable experience! ive seen some miniatures by other developers but they're difficult to find and generally in poor condition.
  6. This is going to be fun! where do i sign up to help write missions?
  7. Im stationed at Ft Riley! unfrtunately i'm going to Korea soon. I found this site last night while looking for stuff to convert to DnD 5e rules for a stargateish campaign! anyway hello there!
  8. Greetings and solicitations everyone! i hope this message finds you all well! I'm looking foreward to backing this project with every aspect of my genetically unmodified being! i know so many exclamation points! Stargate is something i've loved since i was a child and i was randomly pouring over how to convert Stargate stuff to dungeons and dragons rules and found the gencon video reveal and was like oh heckin MINT! so here i am hopefully i can help in anyway!
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