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  1. Forums are really outdated I guess Maybe we should reform at some other platform
  2. Hmm what timezone are we looking at?
  3. I have pro sub on Roll20 but for voice we use discord when we play, because roll20 voice is bad... Sometimes only one person can not hear you and others hear you just fine... Anyway I can give you you on game at Roll20 if you want for this test
  4. Roll20 is fine I use it really often on fantasy DnD games. I am sure you can play this game there too. No character sheets maybe
  5. Hello I live in central EU and I am loking for a online star gate game
  6. Magic is replaced by technology I am also curious about that leveling etc.
  7. Perfect answer I saw almost all interview of wyvern games about this project and I am so excited to see your, to my mind, unique idea
  8. I like the idea of playing as Unas or other races from the series. If you have rules on humans, jaffa etc. it is not that hard to homebrew a new race, Wraith for example friendly Wraith ofc Do you guys think that they will add new and more interesting feats?
  9. Bragnak


    link if you want to join https://discord.gg/skbJN7Z
  10. Is there any information/content on youtube or twitch I can watch?
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