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  1. I have the same opinion, there is technically nothing stopping a player (apart from the gm saying no) from using all the upgrades. Hoping the final version clarifies this or replaces it with something else. In my campaign I made a resource system for any extra upgrades a player may want to apply to a weapon and a few other things like base upgrades. I am playing it as the soilder gets a free pick each mission. For example the p90 says it has the extended mag, automatic and reflex sight. The soilder would be able to for example add any other modification for free to the p90 or what e
  2. Well it can survive a direct hit from a Meteor in the show so use this as a guide on how much destructive power is required to destroy one. It would have a lot of HP and it would be tech level 4 (maybe 5 or more) at least for the purpose of resistance to damage. I would say it is up to the Gate Master to decide if the method employed would in fact destroy it. For example a few packs of C4 would do nothing to the gate but it would destroy the DHD
  3. In the context of the D&D 5e rule system which this will be based on, Zats should inflict Exhaustion levels only and the exhaustion lasts for X time (2 rounds maybe?) unless zatted again which resets the counter and inflicts another level of exhaustion. Also they should inflict the Stunned condition on a failed CON save. You recover a level of exhaustion each turn after you wait out the two round timer. Example - Jack gets hit by a Zat. Jack takes a level of exhaustion and makes a CON save which he passes. Jack is not stunned however the effect of the Zat has made him weaker. Jack i
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    OK here is my 4 suggestions but first I need to explain some terms Cover - A barrier that protects against both incoming fire and can provide concealment. Concealment - Hides the creature but does not protect the creature from incoming fire, like a bush or tall grass. So I would treat D&D 5e half cover and 3/4 cover bonus to AC as types of concealment. So taking these into consideration we can get into your questions Flanking "When you attack a creature from a direction that is not protected by Cover, you gain advantage on those attack rolls. Targets that have conce
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