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  1. Ah okay, was confused due to the other threads. Well I look forward to the episodes then!
  2. I clicked on episodes and had this come up "You do not have access to any episodes. Please go to our store to purchase one, or ask your game master how to add one of your characters to a episode run." Really confused now.
  3. Okay this forum is super confusing, been looking everywhere for the episodes for the living campaign. Where are they? Looking to run it as a gamemaster
  4. After reading the playtest material I'm certainly willing to give this a go. Seems they really hit the nail on the head when it comes to Stargate with very few combat classes and the statement in the GM section about there being less combat encounters in a game of stargate say over a D&D game.
  5. Any chances of supporting other systems than OGL 5th? I'm a huge fan of Stargate but I find 5th to be kind of ill fitting for the setting and it's a system I find really quite dull and un-thematic. I would love to see hacks for other systems, seriously think it would be amazing being run by Cypher System. If not I guess I can port everything across from this game to cypher.
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