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  1. Ok regarding the maximum range of the PS90/P90, I can guarantee you will not be hitting a target at that range. That's the maximum flight distance of the projectile, before it hits the ground. At best. And certainly NOT from a short barrel P90 as seen in the TV shows. It's a slightly larger projectile than the 5.56mm round fired by the M16/M4/AR15 family. It's even a lighter projectile. Anything hit beyond 200m, is only going to get mad. Obviously realism isn't going to work in a tabletop game setting. Accuracy and range are impacted by more than just the caliber. I can buy a barrel that costs
  2. So some potentially good news, we are getting closer to a new series in the franchise, and there are rumors going around that they will tie up SGU's cliffhanger, with a possible direct to video movie. I wouldn't mind if they mixed it in with the new series, bring back any of the main actors that want a paycheck, and through flashbacks, tell the story of what happened, especially to Eli, and how they hopefully get back to Earth.
  3. Ok so this isn't a ripoff of the Stargate series. Look up John Anthony West. He died last year, but he was extremely well known in the "fringe" Egyptology circles. In a nutshell, the emerging belief is that the ancient Egyptians, as we know them, did not construct the pyramids, or the Sphinx. Ancient texts very clearly state, that Khufu organized the REPAIRS to the Great Sphinx, not constructed it. Even their list of kings goes back tens of thousands of years. Anyways, in the mid-90s, West conned a very respected geologist/geophysicist, to go to Egypt, where he would be be personally guided to
  4. I had a chance to read through the current beta version last night. Based on what we see in the shows, teams are ALWAYS led by military personnel. It's safe to assume that everybody on the team will hold either a military or GS rank. There are some civilian GS ranks, that outweigh military rank, though, it should be understood that unless stated otherwise in the warning or op order that a civilian is in command of the mission, that commend defaults to the team leader. Take the movie Predator, for example. Dutch was the senior soldier on the mission, but Dillon (a civilian with a higher GS rank
  5. I'm from Texas as well, though currently living out of the country, in Kentucky. Moving back when this lease is up in the spring. Probably going to be in the Kerrville area, but I haven't fully decided.
  6. Ok so I am a gun guy in real life. Been shooting for 45 years, six in the Army as an Infantryman. Some thoughts on weapons ranges, versus what is currently in print, and what has been suggested. Sidearm - Qualification for the CCDW (concealed carry) permit in Kentucky is 20 rounds, within the designated space on a target that resembles the standard E-type silhouette used by the US military. Range to hit the target is 7m. I can hit a target, generally speaking, out to 25m, anything beyond that will be a waste of ammo, or just suppressive fire. Longarm - this will vary by specific weap
  7. OK, I guess I should be thankful to the makers of a certain bug. This RPG release was going to be the sole reason I went to GenCon this year lol. And of course, GenCon was cancelled. I signed up for the kickstarter alert. I am not running a game, don't have a group even, but I think I will download the beta content and get a feel. Huge fan of the IP, and I am really looking forward to this.
  8. I'm a little confused. And I admit, I don't come to these forums often. I was under the impression that the game was completed, and was going to launch at GenCon this year, but covid-19 ruined that for everybody. So it's NOT complete?
  9. I am in the process of putting together a D&D5e campaign, and I was going to involve a stargate, found in an ancient ruin, and a minor goa'uld on the other end of the wormhole. Does he take a new host, and infiltrate Faerun? We shall see. I do have a copy of the AEG version core book, but since I am going to GenCon, I may go ahead and pick up a copy of this new one.
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