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  1. Ok regarding the maximum range of the PS90/P90, I can guarantee you will not be hitting a target at that range. That's the maximum flight distance of the projectile, before it hits the ground. At best. And certainly NOT from a short barrel P90 as seen in the TV shows. It's a slightly larger projectile than the 5.56mm round fired by the M16/M4/AR15 family. It's even a lighter projectile. Anything hit beyond 200m, is only going to get mad. Obviously realism isn't going to work in a tabletop game setting. Accuracy and range are impacted by more than just the caliber. I can buy a barrel that costs more than my AR pistol build in 5.56, and dramatically increase my accuracy. I can do the same, and go with an 18 inch or longer barrel, and increase both my accuracy, and muzzle velocity. By changing to a different weight projectile, say a move from M193 ball (55 grain) to M855, I can impact the muzzle velocity, as well as amount of energy delivered to the target on impact. And we haven't even brought up atmospheric conditions. Something simple needs to be generated. Something like: Pistol - maximum range 50m Short Barreled Rifle (under 16 inches barrel length) - Maximum range 200m Full size battle rifle (barrel length 16 inches or greater) - Maximum range 500m Sniper Rifle - Maximum range 1600m Small bore machinegun (M249 SAW) - maximum range 600m Large bore machinegun (M60/M240B) - Maximum range 1200m A to hit penalty can be added for shots attempted past maximum range, say -2 for every 20% beyond maximum range of the weapon, not to exceed an additional 50% of maximum range for the weapon type. Add bonuses for applicable optics. And oh boy, are there some really awesome optics out there. Such as thermal long range scopes that can link to your phone and livestream your hunts. I'm going to attach a photo of one of my ARs. It's a pistol configuration, which according to the ATF, can have any barrel length, must NOT have a vertical foregrip, and must not have a rifle stock. Mine has an arm brace, not a stock. If I filled out the appropriate paperwork, paid the $200 tax, and was approved (which would happen since I have had several federal level background checks in the last several years for employment purposes), then I could put a stock on it, and it would be an SBR. This has a 7.5 inch barrel, and has a shorter range than a full sized rifle, or even if I swapped out the upper half for a slightly longer barrel. This red dot mounted is only really good for within 100m, and has zero magnification. I do have a scope I can mount that has magnification, as well as an amazing reticle with range finding and bullet drop calculation capability built in. That would increase my ability to engage targets accurately out to 200m, the furthest I would engage a target with this caliber (300 Blackout).
  2. So some potentially good news, we are getting closer to a new series in the franchise, and there are rumors going around that they will tie up SGU's cliffhanger, with a possible direct to video movie. I wouldn't mind if they mixed it in with the new series, bring back any of the main actors that want a paycheck, and through flashbacks, tell the story of what happened, especially to Eli, and how they hopefully get back to Earth.
  3. Ok so this isn't a ripoff of the Stargate series. Look up John Anthony West. He died last year, but he was extremely well known in the "fringe" Egyptology circles. In a nutshell, the emerging belief is that the ancient Egyptians, as we know them, did not construct the pyramids, or the Sphinx. Ancient texts very clearly state, that Khufu organized the REPAIRS to the Great Sphinx, not constructed it. Even their list of kings goes back tens of thousands of years. Anyways, in the mid-90s, West conned a very respected geologist/geophysicist, to go to Egypt, where he would be be personally guided to all of the major sites in Egypt. When they were at the Sphinx, Schoch was distracted by the hydroerosion patterns on the walls inside the sphinx enclosure. Further study led him to the belief that the only way that kind of erosion could have occurred, would have been massive amounts of rain of many, many years, and that the last time that part of Africa had seen weather like that, was roughly 9000 years ago, long before the Sphinx is currently accepted to have been constructed. He later presented his paper to his peers, and almost all accepted it as factual. When you factor in multiple sites that have since been discovered, such as Göbekli Tepe, which has been dated to just under 12,000 years old, and evidence of advanced agriculture techniques that have been long believed to have been invented 6000 years LATER by the Sumerians, as well as a pyramid in Indonesia, that is definitely man-made, and has organic material collected from inside, using core sampling, that dates to 26,000 years ago, there very likely was an advanced global human civilization that was eradicated by some massive global disaster. In essence, resetting the clock. The whole Stargate franchise is partly based on a book written by Erich von Danniken in the 60's, called Chariots of the Gods. You might recognize him from the show Ancient Aliens. Even the Egyptians that were present when the Greeks settled ancient Egypt said they didn't know who built the pyramids, or any other megalithic structure. And, there is proof that there was a "great flood", in the form of tsunami on colossal scale, as well as rapid sea level rise of more than 400 feet, in a matter of weeks. Plus, last November, a paper was published that established a celestial impact on Greenland was the likely culprit of the rising sea levels and the corresponding brief ice age. Think about it, where are the bulk of human settlements right now? On the shorelines. So where are any potential metal structures? Likely all rusted away. the Titanic has been on the bottom of the Atlantic for just over 100 years, and is rapidly deteriorating. And I haven't even touched on the Indian vedas, the army of monkey-men (likely neanderthals), and the Ramayana, where a road was built across the sea to modern Sri Lanka, so that the god Rama could rescue his wife, who was kidnapped. Interestingly enough, images from satellites show the underwater remnants of a man made road, stretching from mainland India to Sri Lanka.
  4. I had a chance to read through the current beta version last night. Based on what we see in the shows, teams are ALWAYS led by military personnel. It's safe to assume that everybody on the team will hold either a military or GS rank. There are some civilian GS ranks, that outweigh military rank, though, it should be understood that unless stated otherwise in the warning or op order that a civilian is in command of the mission, that commend defaults to the team leader. Take the movie Predator, for example. Dutch was the senior soldier on the mission, but Dillon (a civilian with a higher GS rank) was technically in charge. Unless this is specifically addressed, I think I may find it easier to inject an NPC into the group, as the ranking officer. Having run military-themed campaign in other settings, it is almost always a sure bet that the player put in command always lets it go to his head. This isn't normally a problem in fantasy settings, where one player will usually naturally emerge as the de facto leader. The military is a different animal altogether.
  5. I'm from Texas as well, though currently living out of the country, in Kentucky. Moving back when this lease is up in the spring. Probably going to be in the Kerrville area, but I haven't fully decided.
  6. Ok so I am a gun guy in real life. Been shooting for 45 years, six in the Army as an Infantryman. Some thoughts on weapons ranges, versus what is currently in print, and what has been suggested. Sidearm - Qualification for the CCDW (concealed carry) permit in Kentucky is 20 rounds, within the designated space on a target that resembles the standard E-type silhouette used by the US military. Range to hit the target is 7m. I can hit a target, generally speaking, out to 25m, anything beyond that will be a waste of ammo, or just suppressive fire. Longarm - this will vary by specific weapon, but 1800m I can guarantee you, it unrealistic. For example, I was regularly knocking down targets at 300m with a standard M16A2 rifle, with no optics. The best I ever did was an EXPENDEX within my platoon, and I hit 18 out of 20 from a standing unsupported position at 500m. Twice. If memory serves, area target for the M4 was 550m, so engaging a larger than man sized target or suppressing an area, that was the max effective range, in general. Point targets, as in a man, the range was 500m. This was strictly iron sights, no optics. Using my AR15, with a 16 inch barrel, and just a 3x optic, I can hit a point target at 500m without much effort, and not just hit it, but hit it in tight groupings. The standard optic used by both the Marines and Army is the Trjicon ACOG, which is a 4x scope, with a fiber optic illuminated reticle. I'll let one of the younger grunts that has direct experience with those chime in on effective ranges. Additionally, the caliber as well as the projectile itself, have a great deal to do with the performance of the weapon. The military is shifting over to the 6.8mm SPC cartridge, which has more power than the current 5.56mm cartridge, further range, and shoots flatter. It also dumps a lot more energy into the target. That said, swap out the FMJ projectile with something with a better ballistic coefficient, and you can get better range, better velocity, and even more damage inflicted on the target. I personally shoot 5.56mm and .300 Blackout. I run standard 55 grain and 62 grain ammo in my 5.56 AR. I am currently running 110 grain Lehigh Defense Controlled Chaos ammo in my 300BLK, from a barrel length half that of my 5.56mm. I am getting 2/3 the velocity, but due to the bullet weight, the ballistic coefficient, and the fact that the projectile is a milled copper hollow point, designed to have four petals curl back, shear off, and create their own wound channels, dumping most of the kinetic energy into the target within the 6-8 inch penetration range, it is my preferred hunting and home defense caliber. BUT, because this is a modification of the casing of the 5.56mm round, using pistol powder rather than rifle powder, and a .30cal projectile, the range suffers. At 200m I am looking at about 12 inches of bullet drop, which means I have to aim a foot higher than my intended point of impact. At 300m, it increases to 18 inches. At a 500m target, you have to aim so high above the target, you aren't able to use the optics anymore. 350 Legend has similar ballistics, as does 7.62x39 (the AK47). I am very seriously considering building an upper receiver for my AR rifle chambered in 6.5 Grendel, which will hit like a hammer, and reach out to 500-800m, shooting very flat. And that's an AR15. As much as I love the shows, it always bothered me why they would use the P90 over existing M4s and variants. The 5.7mm round doesn't really offer close to the armor piercing capabilities of the black tip armor piercing 5.56mm ammo. Yes, the standard magazine holds 50 rounds, but at the rate of fire exhibited on TV, you're going to burn through the 10,000 rounds hauled in by FRED in no time. Besides, with an M4, one or more team members could be also equipped with any make of the conversions to .22LR, making hunting small game an easy task. And a brick of 100 rounds of .22LR takes up hardly any space, and the weight is negligible. A smaller package than a Henry AR-7 in the pack. I was never a sniper, but the effective ranges for any number of commonly used rifles can easily be found. I would look at the general maximum range targets have been engaged in the field, rather than looking at record breaking shots. And as for shotguns, range and damage are dependent on the size of the shot, or slug, fired. When I lived in New York, we were only allowed shotguns to hunt deer, and the furthest I shot a deer, or even tried, with a slug, was 75m. Any further was an increasingly exponential chance of a miss, or hitting it so softly as to make it mad, and come kick me out of the apple tree and kick my ass. Buck shot, as in 00 buck, would be the next longest range, and decreasing in effectiveness and damage according to the smaller size shot used.
  7. OK, I guess I should be thankful to the makers of a certain bug. This RPG release was going to be the sole reason I went to GenCon this year lol. And of course, GenCon was cancelled. I signed up for the kickstarter alert. I am not running a game, don't have a group even, but I think I will download the beta content and get a feel. Huge fan of the IP, and I am really looking forward to this.
  8. I'm a little confused. And I admit, I don't come to these forums often. I was under the impression that the game was completed, and was going to launch at GenCon this year, but covid-19 ruined that for everybody. So it's NOT complete?
  9. I am in the process of putting together a D&D5e campaign, and I was going to involve a stargate, found in an ancient ruin, and a minor goa'uld on the other end of the wormhole. Does he take a new host, and infiltrate Faerun? We shall see. I do have a copy of the AEG version core book, but since I am going to GenCon, I may go ahead and pick up a copy of this new one.
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