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  1. You are acting like the rules we have are completely unmodified 5e, have you not looked at the attributes & how moxie actually works, the classes & leveling, hp scaling, or the role & mechanics of of races & origins compared to stock 5e's races & backgrounds? Yes they use 5e as a base, but there are plenty of changes to it in order to make it fit the game they are buildingrather than the old d20 style that would frequently direct you to the phb
  2. why bother having more than one type of save when you can get rid of all those fiddly features & just have single saving throw? @shadowmyre i Having tactical & subjective choices to make in things like armor & weapons is not about "realism".
  3. You are suggesting seven ac boxes... That's pretty extreme given there are only 6 attributes, how would it even look on a sheet? Here's a simple 30 second crappy artist example of what putting armor name plus BAC/EAC/TAC on the current sheet might look like
  4. I dunno what it intended But your right that the wording is definately clunky & invites confusion worse than 5e's action surge "and a possible bonus action"
  5. Look closer at some of the classes. Soldier: at first you can use an action to activate a tactics feat for a number of rounds equal to your cha mod. at second you can activate two. At third you deal max da,age with your weapons & choose one you crit on 19-20. Scout can activate traps at first but the rules seem missing in addition to being able to heal with firstaid at first, a medic deals an extra d6 of damage for organ targeting at second engineer at fifth can activate a machine to explode for 6d6 damage. Is it a bad thing that a team comprised of diplomats engineers & scoutswill have a tough time with combat while walking all over social technical & survival type challenges?... not really & it's probably not a bad thing.
  6. You misunderstand. The problem with your example is not that it references a non-game item; the problem is that it is incomplete & doesn't give enough information in isolation about how it would work or what the dr levels would look like to not need a lot of balancing concerns. I just hope to hell they don't include 5e type resistances
  7. I don't see ordnance disposal armor anywhere in the book so guessing it's something you made up, so there's no point debating the mechanics of an undefined item, but your right about kevlar not being especially useful against a knife & that is why I didn't list melee weapons hitting with attacks against EAC or BAC ;). You wouldn't be misinterpreting my examples "for your reasons' sake" would you? The fact of the matter is though that we are both talking about changes to the system. Your suggestion of armor as DR is how shadowrun handles it & combat is very different with opposed rolls. Your example also encourages the odd feel of sgc teams converting tio jaffa armor & ditching tau'ri armor while jaffa do the inverse. By comparison having some armors having a point or three different AC against some types of attacks doesn't cause the same shift because those armors are still goor or even better against other types of attacks.
  8. no you would not need one for every type of ac anymore than you need a save specific to each spell in d&d instead of just a couple. Using d&d spells as a example for some extra examples a staff blast or scorching ray would be an attack roll vrs energy AC fireball & lightning bolt remains a dex save just as the tok'kal targets con save as a grenade with a 5m blast a ranged weapon like a bow or tau'ri firearm might target ballistic AC, a punch, sword blade(knife?), or just beating someone with a staff weapon strike targets touch AC. The ma'Tok staff weapon is easy to handle, the blast targets energy ac & the beat someone with it like a quarterstaff mace or club option targets touch AC. The zat targets energy AC A wraith drain touch would probably target either touch or energy AC depending on how things play out & possibly have a save if it connects. Starfinder does similar & the problems you cite are a nonissue in play compared to the improvements it makes to equipment choices.
  9. The placeholder usage shows up at a few points & looks a lot like Lorem Ipsum here is a bit of history on it. Granted it's entirely possible this is something more than a lorem isum lookalike, but it seems to be used like lorem ipsum usually is. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.
  10. While true, that gets into DR &/or resistance complications & needs more balancing consideration than splitting into a couple types of AC that results in some armors being a point or three better/worse than others against various attacks.
  11. Surge being limited to 1/LR is reasonable & makes sense, Tactical flexibility could be debated either way "sorry Daniel I showed you how to fire a pistol earlier & can't do it again till we sleep on it vrs using some of the nicer tactical feats too often & needing to water them down... Right now it's nice & all but the 1/long rest means that it works out to about 6 hp/long rest if you get into a fight & need to roll initiative, It seems like it should either get more uses/long rest or get a bonus added to that d10 as you level
  12. Stargate is a setting with a lot of energy weapons... Without getting into the creatures with energy capabilities & such Replicator Disruptors, Staff Weapons, Pain Stick, Ori staff weapon, Ori Warrior Weapon, Kull Plasma repeater,The zat, Kara kesh, particle magnum, & no doubt many more considering this is just the handheld ones I could find in a few seconds. You've also got the jaffa armor that doesn't do much against bullets but presumably works well against staff weapons & the melee weapons used by the occasional unruly slave, the full body black armor worn by kul, the energy fied used frequently by goauld & maybe once or twice carter/vala, whatever the energy fields used by the asgards or ancient relics Splitting them would mean that a wraith, shortblade(knife?) or whatever can target TAC, taur'i firearms target BAC, and the various energy weapons target EAC while players really feel the hurt or different perspective of having to keep up appearances sometimes.
  13. No specific map converting, just uncertain the intent since I didn't see anything like phb 192's each square represents x distance.
  14. Oh I don't disagree, but it's hard to guess what way things should be tweaked without knowing what they intend for N square(s) amounts to.. Personally I gm using a vbox & arkenforge, so could actually do insane number of squares, like the long gun's 1800m but even the 5e ranges ime are far too long & result in the sort of asymmetrical warfare you'd expect if you had rods from god vrs nazi germany in d&d because of stealth/cover/etc & the prevalence of non-ranged opponents. With ranged weapons being more prevalent in the stargate series (and presumably the game?) it might mitigate some of the asymmetrical warfare problems d&d has but still wind up having to count a hundred(s) plus squares I'm also with you on tweaking weapons, I'd like to see some subjective choices baked in... either something like 4e's weapon properties or 3.5/pf's crit mod/crit range if not something pf2-like with weapon properties being affected by/needed by various feats & such. 5e's "do I want my hurt stick to be d6 or d8" choice takes away a lot of room for the gm to make laterally powerful/interesting gear that might not be objectively stronger..
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