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  1. a round is 6 seconds & move speed is 6m/round. are you trying to claim that someone moving at a brisk 1m/second can easily fire accurately at targets 350m away?
  2. Likely deliberate. the stock 5e hp recovery by going to sleep after a full day instead of going for forced march type penalties is a mess for any kind of plot or story other than dungeon crawls.
  3. It's your strawman. You brought up the idea that it was bad, own it rather than claiming your bad argument is a strawman. Yes the sg team uses those things on tv where the format is focused on something other than the mechanics like a ttrpg, you might as well point at the novels and use the lack of sfx & costume design teams as an excuse for why those should also not be involved when shifting format to movie or tv show. Continuing with the tv show however, on that tv show a p90 does not get used with pinpoint accuracy from nearly two kilometers away as if shooter & target were s
  4. a book of guns is an example because it was frequently raised as a probable extra book in discord to shut down arguments about the asburd ranges & overly simplistic weapons with stats that are largely irrelevant in many cases. You are oversimplifying things to make your point free from half the problem. All of those systems you list are significantly higher on crunch in so many other ways that allow depth elsewhere in the system also. It might be reasonable to make a case for why the magic item cycle is a bad thing, but you aren't even attempting to do that either.
  5. You seem to have misunderstood the problem. Look at it from the perspective of a companion book of weapons, open up a spreadsheet & start filling in values to make a simple collection of 5-10 pistols shotguns longarms & so on. The base ones in core have range ammo & so on of "enough to not matter", "absurdly more than needed", & so on. Imagine a game of d&d as an ongoing campaign where all of this does not exist because there is nothing to hang it on & the gear the party started with is as good as it will ever get. As to your odd choice to jump to a compl
  6. in other words your solution is little more than "why doesn't the gm just build the rest of the system so it doesn't need to be part of core"? It's not at all controversial to say that most people buying a system expect it to reach a level of completeness that requires a bit more than "fix it yourself" or "design the rest on your own." Even if one were to accept your suggestion as acceptable it adds "redesign the character sheet to include room for anything new you add to the weapon/armor designspace", which is a significant leap of efforteven for people who own one or more programs capabl
  7. That clears up intent a bit but still misses the scale problem 100x100 encoutnter maps are still more than a lot of dungeon crawls. CoS argenvostholt: 2 floors ~26x26 & 18x14 CoS Amber Temple: blank 27x9 & dungeon 28x24 CoS van richtens tower. 4 6x6 floorsplus small outside & 1x2 wagon. CoS wizard of wines: 3 floors, 11x20, 11x20 plus small outside, & 7x13 basement The only maps that have scales capable of even modeling the weapon ranges in sgp are towns & yester hill where they are 50ft/square. LMoP Goblin Ambush: They attack from t
  8. 100m in every direction is a freaking gigantic map that makes return to undermountain & other mega dungeons look positively cozy. Having to prep maps of that scale for every possible place the players might need is a gigantic hurdle. Using your own example you call in the quantum ogre with gliders & backup called in. If it doesn't matter what tactic they use the tactic becomes "shoot down the gliders screw the hostages" or "where are the reinforcements, lets target there first"... you have gigantic maps ready for both of those situations right?.. What about if they setup a divers
  9. I've been going back & forth on how to respond to this for a few days now, it's quite a bit more than a "modicum of effort" without making a couple problematic elements the core of one's GM style. It's a trivial amount of effort if you rob players of any sort of agency and go hardcore railroad "so your making your way into town from the east">"wait what? when did we decide that?">"I did", but that's pretty universally accepted as a bad thing to avoid as a GM. The other thing is over use of the quantum ogre which is sometimes ok& good but it's a toxic slide that breaks down the
  10. You misunderstand. Right now you can look at the value we place on gasoline, a bar of naquadah, various precious metals & gemstones, rare elements used in high tech production, advanced alloys , grain prices, & so forth to make a simple chart saying an average civilization of our tech level puts a value of X pounds of gems & rare metals for Y pounds of advanced alloys & has such a low value on grain that the price for Z pounds of rare elements would be measured in tons. Commodities are useful for trade because pretty much everyone needs them provided they are advanced enough
  11. Yea it's not a bad currency, just there's a big difference between baking in a currency & having the gm need to make something up. If it's baked in then the players can look at a list & get a vague estimation for what some basics might cost if supply & conditions were not influencing it. It's fine to do a resources ability or something instead, just they should pick something & bake it in
  12. I don't think that stargate ever introduced any form of currency including worlds that were advanced enough to make its development an absolute certainty.Most worlds were still in barter phases of trade, I think the closest they came to touching on it was when they found an outpost with a holigraphic display in ancient/asgard/1-2 others that showed all the known elements plus a few more that they figured was used in trade between those civilizations in the episode Torment of Tantalus Edit: With that said it's probably a good idea to introduce some form of currency, probably by tech leve
  13. Some of us were talking in discord yesterday about how the mechanics of d&d/5e make things like the tactical retreat commonly used in the tv series difficult with slaughter to a man kind of being the default as a result & how other ttrpgs with a clear & simple "this combat is going to obviously end in one way, lets discuss that & launch from there on to doing cool stuff" mechanics for lets agree to win/lose like fate's conceed. Since the closest fit for a mechanic like that might be the encounters chapter & that is a harder to explain gem in the sgp rules that doesn't get
  14. Agreed that it was absolutely electrical, for comparison though the boston dynamics big dog darpa project had a speed that varies from a 0.45 mph (0.2 m/s) crawl to a 3.6 mph (1.6 m/s) trot according to it's wikipedia page
  15. This is really important catch & touches on a lot of the reason it's a problem to just reduce ranges or whatever without being a hot wire. No player ever complains when the gm puts narrative over crunch to kick a boring or uninteresting/irrelevant bit of stuff behind the curtain like declaring the FRED is faster if the party has something else more interesting to be doing/focused on. When the GM moves from letting the players be awesome together by describing competence porn & focusing on the fun parts to being the fun referee kneecapping them for being too good like 5e so often forc
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