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  1. 3 minutes ago, tetrasodium said:

    No specific map converting, just uncertain the intent since I didn't see anything like phb 192's each square represents x distance. 😄


    A person needs to be cautious with some of the rules still too.  There are inconsistencies in the skills and some carry over language from 5e SRD.  Everything's in meters so meters is the scale.

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  2. 15 hours ago, tetrasodium said:

    I'm a bit unsure on how to convert movement to a grid map.  most(all?) the races have a base speed of 6m & that translates well to ~5 feet  (so 1 square?), but I'm not sure being limited to moving one square/round would work out.  A lot of things have 1m ranges though ... does that mean you can throw a grenade 20 squares, shoot a sidearm 50/100 squares, & shoot a long arm an  incredible 200/1800m(over a mile!)?

    Do you have an existing map you are trying to convert?  Maps for this system would be easy with 1 square = 1 meter.  There are no miles.  It's kilometers.  😉

    If you are using an existing grid that's already in 5' squares then each square would be 1.5 meters for conversion.  And yes, 6 meters is 20' movement.  If you want 5e's 30' movement you would need 9m moves.  

    As long as 1 square equals 1 meter then the 20 meter range on the grenade would be 20 squares.  As for the long arm, that's a long range shot and well under the current world record for a sniper shot at 3540m with a confirmed kill.  Keeping that range in perspective, if the longarm is shooting over 200m with +2 proficiency and +3 DEX bonus against the same opponent in a tactical vest and tactical helmet it's AC 20.  With disadvantage the likelihood of even hitting the target is low.  The longarm can be upgraded with a scope to remove long range disadvantage and then the shooter would have a 30% chance to hit that AC.  Then the shot would not drop the target even if it did hit based on the 20+ hp PC's start with.

    The number looks good but the mechanics don't make it realistic until the attack bonus has increased and feats can increase the damage.  It looks like it takes some investment to make a sniper with longarms workable.

    First impression and subject to user error, of course.

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