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  1. Are the extras from backerkit available to purchase at a later time? IE can one buy the Phoenix Site map, adventures, dice, etc. at a later date? Asking because I can not remember for the life of me if it has been said anywhere.
  2. Sniper can be/is a scout, but scout is not necessarily a sniper... crap thats confusing. Being a scout or not (atleast in US Military) depends fully on your MOS or Military Occupation Speciality. Example: MOS 19H is US Army Armor Reconnaissance Vehicle Driver MOS 0317 is USMC Scout Sniper Second most definetly is an expert with long guns. First one, not necessarily...
  3. Like many here I say playing a USMC marine or Army's Delta Operator is more of a rp element. IE "drop that skill and choose that one instead".
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