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  1. Man, I actually wish I could commit to a pbp. I used to do a lot of those in 3rd and 3.5e days. This would be fun to try again, but I’m afraid I’d just end up dropping out halfway through due to work stress or something...
  2. Well, if someone missed it, the official sheet is out: https://stargatetherpg.com/files/file/86-official-stargate-sg-1-character-sheet/
  3. Yeah, there is: It’s not specifically for SGRPG only, it is Wyvern’s discord, but the channels dedicated for it do take a good chunk of the server.
  4. I doubt it. If you look in the store there is the official one up for pre-order. Some gm’s like to make their own. But, I haven’t seen anyone making one available yet.
  5. Game Master Screen. It’s a fold up screen with handy rules references on one side, and a pretty picture for the players to look at on the other side. You prop it up before you and can quickly find common stuff on it. Otherwise, experience. You get better at remembering the details with practice, and similarly you get more comfortable just winging it and improvising. Just trust in yourself. You’ll do ”good enough” as long as you and your players are having fun.
  6. Not really. They started with naming them P3x-xxx most of the time, then around season 4 they started using season number as the second number. The designations in Atlantis mostly start with M. There were some fanon explanations that P stands for planet, M for moon, K for kuiper object, but that doesn’t exactly hold if you check them closely. However, if you are looking for a formula to come up with new places, it’s a good way. I would use something like: Letter to denote where the gate is: Planet, Moon, Kuiper object, Orbital Number to specify which orbit of it’s star it is on. Letter to denote the status of place: uneXplored, Goauld base, Civilized And a several numbers to denote ”something”. (Maybe galactic grid) So P3X-345 is a third planet of it’s star and currently unexplored. 345 ”something”.
  7. Here’s a list, compiled by galaxies, including planet name, address and sgc designation where these are known: https://stargate.fandom.com/wiki/Stargate_Network These are from the shows, books, the unfinished computer mmorpg, and the old tabletop rpg. I don’t think anyone has added the ones in this game yet.
  8. I like the idea of using transparent blue 1x2 as a chevron. That way you can easily convert to Milky Way gates just by swapping to orange transparents, like you did on those extra pics. Nice work!
  9. I doubt there’s anything that matches ”perfectly”. That said, Heroforge has some face options that could work nicely as Unas.
  10. The balancing of D&D races is a bit different, so I’m not sure how easy they are to mix in. The rules have the same core system as D&D 5e, but there are a lot of differences for any specifics. As for the character sheet, yeah, I’d like that too.
  11. There was a hickup. It should show up in the manage purchases now. At least I got it.
  12. Should work now. Go to manage purchases, you should be able to download it there.
  13. There seems to have been a hickup in the launch, and the actual download isn’t working yet. They are working on it. I would hazard that at the heat of the moment, no official reply can be supplied. They gave a brief update in the discord chat that they are working on it.
  14. If you immediately know the candlelight is fire, then the meal was cooked a long time ago.
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