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  1. I've been signed up for this for forever (and check the forums occassionally) and this is the first I've heard of a KickStarter. I can't wait. Count me in whenever it happens!
  2. Ditto on the interest here. I'm in Colorado (US Mountain Time).
  3. I am willing to give this attempt at a d20-based Stargate game a shot if for no other reason than to get my wife into roleplaying as she's already a Stargate nerd. I think that d20 works fairly well because of the robust combat mechanics if you're focusing on combat (as the show often did). PBtA would be good for this as well, though -- especially with exploding dice rules. If you're leaning into the more character- and plot-driven stuff I think that Storyteller system makes more sense or even the simplified system from the My Little Pony RPG.
  4. I have noticed several grammar and typographical issues as well. Does this kind of feedback just go on the feedback form?
  5. Denver, Colorado -- not far from SG Command
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