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  1. Ruphus


    Rank 1 Unas

    Class: Scout

    KaNay ("Friend") Like most Unas, KaNay was misunderstood by Stargate Command and thought his most common word was his name. In actuality, he was trying to tell them that he was 'friend.' KaNay was brought over to help his ka nay, Oringo.
  2. Which of the three patches on the Stargate uniform is replaced with the Phoenix patch? In all my years of watch Stargate I had never really thought about these patches much, but now that I am painting my Stargate miniature I am quite curious. And if you had the thought, "Why don't you check the handbook?" I too thought this, but the patch actually switches sides depending on the image. The only "good" picture I could find was this guy on the Chapter 2 page. Based off him, he still has the Air Force patch, and the white bordered patch on the left arm (assuming it is a Home glyph). Thus, it must be the other patch which I assumed was the SGC patch.
  3. What is happening with the events at Gen Con Indy? I had an event refunded just to find that the event was completely removed from the catalogue. Now, there are two event that were overbooked and I may lose those too. That is half the events I registered for at Gen Con, the other half are Stargate events. I just have to say, this really sucks to find out a week before Gen Con.
  4. Do we also get access to the '+1 rec hall' too? Or just the MP?
  5. Twisted Past is a classified mission. You need to talk with General Loyer to learn more.
  6. I think the pre-mades are pretty well made. They give a good variety and cover many play styles from what I saw at last year's GenCon online.
  7. Just got my event tickets for Gen Con 2021. Excited to play again this year!
  8. Ruphus

    Lewis (Kadir)

    Rank 5 Tok'ra

    Class: Engineer

    Who knew coughing out your organs was a BAD thing? Who knew donating your body to science could make you end up here? I certainly didn't but I have a second chance at life after blending with Kadir. Kadir.pdf Lewis-Kadir.pdf Lewis-Kadir (3rd).pdf Lewis-Kadir (4th).pdf
  9. Managed to get tickets for Episodes 1, 2, and 3. Pretty excited!
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