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  1. If I could I would like to be a listener, I don't trust my spoken English. I'm the gatemaster for my friends in roll20 and use discord for talk, we have some problems with roll20 audio.
  2. I have the character sheet in spanish too. Si a alguien le interesa la tengo también en español.
  3. I'm from the Basque Country (North of Spain)
  4. Hi, Im Ares, I'm a fan of the Film and the TV show, and want this will go out soon to play!!
  5. Version 3.0.0


    It's not fancy, but it's work.. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A WYVERN GAMING DOCUMENT. Download at your own risk! (This document was submitted by a member of this site. Wyvern Gaming does not vouch for the security of this document.)


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