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  2. Season 6, immediately after episode 9 *did* come from the devs, but they're welcome to chime in as well. Arcameides Administrators Posted March 5 Our Season 1 begins right after SG-1's Season 6 e9 and ends at Season 7 e9. So, I would definitely watch SG-1 Season 1-7. To narrow that down maybe all the episodes with the Nox, Unas, Tollan, and the Jaffa rebellion. Oh, and episodes where the SGC finds advanced tech. Hope this helps.
  3. This setting starts in season 6, after episode 9
  4. I've allowed every character to start with a feat in 5e for years, and it only adds to the fun. Sometimes it's racial feats only, other times it's open, but really - not only does it make the cookie-cutter characters a bit more unique, it also tends to increase the investment the players have in the characters.
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