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  1. Starfinder has a "deck of many planets" idea that is worth looking into
  2. can you confirm if soldier gets all damage rolls maxed (from the ability "weapon training") or just ambiguously worded explanation of why die all go to D8 minimum. As i assume you are a dev from this comment. There seems to be some discourse on what that means.
  3. So on leveling, when does the proficiency increase. Is it the same as 5th ed. I could not find this in rulebook, I understand as beta it wont have everything, but this seems to be an important part to miss.
  4. I played a Tok'ra, I enjoyed it. Made an Int/Wis character Int was the human part, wis the tokra. Rolled opposing ability checks at the start of the session to see who was in command at the start. Got to play two seperate character types. Had 2 defining factors, one for each persona, and when one of those was close, the corresponding persona would ask to be in command during that part.
  5. I struggle to see any of the not already written races as not being game breaking. Possibly that could introduce some sort of failed advanced replicator ("basic advanced replicator" sounds wrong) that doesnt have all the amazing abilities of its counter parts. But that stretching the canon fairly far. Like the aturen are pretty much made up by the game as Nox-lite because the power of resurrection is too good for a tabletop game player race. Also finding a reason for a whole bunch of nearly any of the other races to join SGP would be a bit weird. "Sure this rogue Clone of thor is totally happy to run around in combat fatigues and wielding a baretta". Maybe some side rules for if a whole party is playing as Asgardians or Nox it could be balanced. But that would need new classes as well. But who doesnt want to play as a lego spider.
  6. I like how the cow can take over a dozen rockets at average damage (rounded up to 11 from 10.5) and still be kicking.
  7. I don't think that's how its interpreted. direct quote from my version of the rules "At 3rd level you’ve trained to deal maximum damage with whatever weapon you wield, even improvised weapons. The minimum damage die for weapons you wield is 1d8." Where does it say your dice rolls are always at max. I just think that its a poorly worded way of saying "you do heaps of damage". The only effect of that ability is to up minimum damage dice to 1D8. Unless you are one of the Devs. I could be wrong.
  8. So i see how a weapon is more powerful in the hands of a trained soldier (the references to LVL 3 you can this, LVL 5 that). Yes that fits. But the original point still stands, those examples given do ruin immersion. Sure it is a game about ages old wormhole circles that take us on magical adventures, but keep some parts of it believable. I felt underwhelmed by weapons at low level. maybe 1D10 for the assault rifle could be 2D6 or 1D8+2. A few bad damage rolls and a cow can take a dozen HITS from a military rifle and not even be badly wounded. This brings the mental image of supercow soaking bullets and not caring. Stuff a puddlejumper im taking a cow into the gate to take on Apothis. Damage variance is too wild and without feats the guns are weak.
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