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  1. Origins and classes are good enough imho.
  2. Assuming they are keeping elder Tok’ra out may account for part of the rules; if so, then legolas is kept out. Egeria made broods that had no elder memories but got hers only, then another recent pangaran brood that got the so-called ‘amnesia’. See the Tok’ra spy background. As for earlier powerful versions remember that she made many broods, younger ones might be acceptable if they were hidden away as noted, or if they served long boring duties as spies in various mining camps with low access to training. They might be good at evasion, but little else. The Goa’uld should be the all dancing all nasty skill sets, but tempered with crippling greed, but that’s another story as they are npc.
  3. 5e just finished stat’g vehicles and ships. I would venture an ATV at 75-100 hp.
  4. True about the army private, perhaps allowing proficiency bonus? Example ,,, if the symbiote is proficient in a background?
  5. 5e has armor with resistance vs piercing, bludgeoning, slashing, various energies. I assume bullet resistance confers piercing resistance, halving damage done. As the OGL limits use of 5e material, I present the base rules download for rule of thumb. https://media.wizards.com/2018/dnd/downloads/DnD_BasicRules_2018.pdf
  6. 5e off hand rules, Zat in each hand.
  7. No symbiote means no host immunity=death. The add to stats, even as low as it seems would seem to represent the symbiotes years of living. I note the Unas symbiotes as base line.
  8. I find the simplicity of 5e to be the solution. In previous iterations of goa’uld a pathfinder approach was taken resulting in rules heavy tweaks to the race. This version is understandably simpler, with the basics covered and allows for local player and GM additions to the race. Though this is true for all the classes and races, the complexities of the goa’uld should imho be addressed with descriptions and option suggestions (host-symbiote in control as above) without tying down all players and GMs to clunky rules lawyering.
  9. Read the advanced (lvl 5-7 buy skills.) I made a Jaffa 7 bad guy npc and just used hp, the ace weapon tree and the skill that Max’s damage. Ma’tok staff 3d6 Max’s and quadruples to 72 damage per hit. More than enough to seriously hurt a cow...now take a few players arm em with zat guns and pray, especially for diplo inspiration. Medic revival of dead not an option (Janet Fraiser anyone?) imho I like it. i call sense of danger on this one.
  10. Thanks, April is a start date for us, most of my crew are experienced beta testers (3.5/5e Empire of the Petal Throne) and logging on here. We have a dedicated test page and will record there. I’ll begin reports in April. Bill
  11. And Ch 11 “Gatermaster” in heading? Light proof reading My group has decided to beta the system and game. We are authors and testers in Calgary Ab, Canada. With alpha and beta testing done for the Tekumel Foundation, we are eager to play this iconic tale of Stargates and adventure. -Bill
  12. Looking forward to the Season 2 already. Season 1 is a pretty good intro, but then the going gets tough. Love tough as I have GMd since 1975. My Saturday group is in for a beta treat.
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