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  1. Adding a bit here, a meditation skill...
  2. More data for classes from the test we did. The balancing occurs after level 5- please account for this so as not to balance the classes lower down then get wildly unbalanced after high level, a classic 5e, 3.5, etc, mistake.
  3. Advanced Characters from our game, posted after checking with Archameides. More soon as our beta test progresses.
  4. Sounds like it rips off the Stargate shows for their own alien conspiracy theories...Edgar Cayce is a giveaway. I’m an archaeologist and researcher in real life, there’s always some semi insult on how so called primitive people couldn’t possibly have built pyramids, etc.
  5. We are talking this thing yes? Our play test found it balanced. Recharge 1 is every other round. Or use one in each hand with penalties! Also restoring fatigue fast is a Defense, but a bounty hunter had armor rendering it ineffective. (Aris Boch)
  6. Part of tonight’s mission was just that. The medics figured a cure with help of Ann ancients text
  7. Well, looks like I must invite you to SG Canada. We are in a beta test on Skype and you just put out clues to the next mission! Let me know if you want in, we are using the beta rules and have the beta test characters available or you can make a character. Starting at level 1, progressing through various training posts gets you xperience. Then you start at about level 5. This gives us room to test the mix n match skills people will want. C4 or grenades would just break the mirrors. Depending on the GM, you might not want to let them reassemble at base here is a view of our Skype Phoenix Base... Also one of our scientists deciphering a goa’uld wall. Suggestions selcome.
  8. Origins and classes are good enough imho.
  9. Assuming they are keeping elder Tok’ra out may account for part of the rules; if so, then legolas is kept out. Egeria made broods that had no elder memories but got hers only, then another recent pangaran brood that got the so-called ‘amnesia’. See the Tok’ra spy background. As for earlier powerful versions remember that she made many broods, younger ones might be acceptable if they were hidden away as noted, or if they served long boring duties as spies in various mining camps with low access to training. They might be good at evasion, but little else. The Goa’uld should be the all dancing all nasty skill sets, but tempered with crippling greed, but that’s another story as they are npc.
  10. 5e just finished stat’g vehicles and ships. I would venture an ATV at 75-100 hp.
  11. True about the army private, perhaps allowing proficiency bonus? Example ,,, if the symbiote is proficient in a background?
  12. 5e has armor with resistance vs piercing, bludgeoning, slashing, various energies. I assume bullet resistance confers piercing resistance, halving damage done. As the OGL limits use of 5e material, I present the base rules download for rule of thumb. https://media.wizards.com/2018/dnd/downloads/DnD_BasicRules_2018.pdf
  13. 5e off hand rules, Zat in each hand.
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