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    Probably going to get a lot of flak for this review, but I just don't think you're on the right track at all with this game. Mechanically, I just don't feel like I'm playing a game in the StarGate setting, the "I go you go" nature of the combat just doesn't simulate the cinematic running fights of the TV series, while weapon balance and the nature of the system makes this feel very much like an exercise in rocket-tag and not the exciting back and forth action of the various TV shows. That aside, I feel there is an overall emphasis on combat over social encounters, whereas StarGate has always hued closer to the Star Trek ethos of characters combining their skills to overcome adversity with outside of the box solutions and violence is typically the weapon of last resort. I also have issues with the races available, namely the Aturen, who feel like a bunch of special snowflakes, taking up space that could be used by another canon race. Suffice to say, I won't be backing this, which saddens me deeply, as I really do love the StarGate Universe. While there is alot of potential in the game concept, I just don't feel the D20 System is, in any way shape or form, the right fit for the fast-paced, social focus of StarGate SG-1 or it's affiliated TV shows.
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