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    Sgt Crow was recruited into the Stargate Program after showing good presence of mind during an infiltration of a classified site by offworld agents. Offered a chance to learn more he volunteered to serve, indefinitely, at the Phoenix Site.
  2. I will send you the link via message
  3. I sent a link to the game via Message. The next full episode is on Sunday the 9th.
  4. I am running a campaign of my own design, to participate in the beta test and determine if I will back the Kickstarter. I have six players on Roll20, so far and I will run from one to three sessions per week, between two and four hours per session. I do not expect every player for every session because of conflicting schedules. The next one is tonite. If you are interested and have a Roll20 account PM me and I will send you an invite to the game.
  5. You are welcome to join. If you have a Roll20 account I can PM you the link, I think, just let me know here. Also request the Game membership so I can use that method if the PM doesn't work. I will be doing my best to run sessions while the beta test is ongoing. I have in mind that I will offer one or two sessions a week hoping to allow everyone a chance to keep up with the story but perhaps with different plot elements involved. In Stargate splitting the party is not a "bad thing".
  6. There are two of us in the Planet Beaumont Gaming Group now. If the timezone difference or Roll20 are the problem we can try to Play by Post in this Gaming Group section, I think. I did not read any rule against it.
  7. I have opened a Game Group in the Play section of this site. Planet Beaumont. If you are interested in playing then ask for membership there.
  8. We would use the latest version of the Beta Test rules, which is the April set. I have something set up on Roll 20 and would possibly use the Scenarios that are free to download. At most these sessions would be every other week. A first session would be on the 26th of July, if there are at least three interested parties. The time would be US Central time from noon to about 2:30 pm (I could go a little earlier but I have another game at 3:00 pm).
  9. I am in the US on Central Time, I can adjust somewhat, but have to consider work, family and chores as well. I am looking to join a game (Call of Cthulhu) soon which may take up the last time I had available
  10. I had planned to run a session 0 and had set up a Roll 20 game for it. But after a week I do not have three players for the game. I do have people who want to play some other games. I will watch and wait to see if this develops, but for now I do not seem to have enough interest.
  11. So if I started at Noon on a Sunday, that would be around 6:00pm for the UK (?) and around 10:00 am (?) for Western Canada. Would that work?
  12. This is within two hours of my time . So I am looking at Sunday afternoon and evening or Monday night at present and if those don't work I can try for Friday night game. What works for you?
  13. You and NightWatcher may be a good match as I think you are both in Australian Time Zones. I guess I will have to evaluate what I can do.
  14. I would prefer a live voice to get better feedback on the game reviews to the developers. I do play a text chat game as well, and can accommodate that mode. I posted a thread on looking for a game . So if you are interested that would be two players so far.
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