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  1. I am in the US on Central Time, I can adjust somewhat, but have to consider work, family and chores as well. I am looking to join a game (Call of Cthulhu) soon which may take up the last time I had available
  2. I had planned to run a session 0 and had set up a Roll 20 game for it. But after a week I do not have three players for the game. I do have people who want to play some other games. I will watch and wait to see if this develops, but for now I do not seem to have enough interest.
  3. So if I started at Noon on a Sunday, that would be around 6:00pm for the UK (?) and around 10:00 am (?) for Western Canada. Would that work?
  4. This is within two hours of my time . So I am looking at Sunday afternoon and evening or Monday night at present and if those don't work I can try for Friday night game. What works for you?
  5. You and NightWatcher may be a good match as I think you are both in Australian Time Zones. I guess I will have to evaluate what I can do.
  6. I would prefer a live voice to get better feedback on the game reviews to the developers. I do play a text chat game as well, and can accommodate that mode. I posted a thread on looking for a game . So if you are interested that would be two players so far.
  7. That's Great! Let me try the messaging thing next
  8. Hello, I want to play-test this game and my local group isn't really excited about "new games". So I am here. I was informed that Roll20 had some support for the Wyvern System, there is a Character Sheet. Now I need three or four folks who are capable and willing and have the nondisclosure stuff done. That would be some of you. I am an experienced GM for D&D and for Call of Cthulhu, and I enjoy Stargate. though I have not seen every episode of the SG1 series, I am working on it. I have watched Atlantis and Universe through a couple times. Because of COVID I was forced out of my bubble to try a few platforms for online play and so far Roll20 has worked best for me and my gaming group. I would like to start with one session of three or four people , a two to four hour time-frame and run on a Friday night, a Sunday afternoon or Monday night (I am in the central United States timezone). Post here is interested and if we get enough maybe we can start a Group in the Play section.
  9. I will run this, if I get players, on Roll20, which is limited access and invitation only, but still online. Though I may have misunderstood the question.
  10. Hey yeah! I found the character sheet and initiated a game. I think I will need to post my own discussion to get this moving.
  11. I was thinking that everyone on this forum has access to the game material and has done the non disclosure. Using just the virtual tabletop for mapping, voice and video, a playtest game would be relatively easy. I am willing to run one for up to four people. Bring your own character and then it is a test of the rules.
  12. I would be willing to GM, though I would also like to play. Were you planning to use a virtual tabletop like Roll20 or Discord ? I am in the USA Central Time Zone and am thinking of running a game on Sunday Morning.
  13. Hello from SE Texas! I have been a fan of Stargate, started with the movie and then jumped over to Atlantis, watched Universe and now I am working my way through all the Seasons of SG1.
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