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  1. Sign me up. I'd appreciate more chances to get to know the system and continue contributing to the overall narrative.
  2. I'd be interested. Only played Episode 3 at GenCon, and I'd love to pick up some more mission points for my Engineer.
  3. Rank 1 Human

    Class: Engineer

    Wormhole X-treme nerd who dug a little too deep and ended up getting "volunteered" to join the Stargate Phoenix Program. An inveterate tinkerer, Stewie found a home in the Engineering Corps. He's totally NOT scared out of his mind about trekking through the galaxy on missions of adventure and exploration...he'd just rather be at home watching the action rather than living it himself! Stewie Bigos Character Sheet.pdf
  4. Sorry...forgot that I signed up for the public beta quite some time ago. Check your Gen Con messages, as it looks like they're finally reaching out with some detailed instructions. I'll be sitting down to create and register my character tonight...pretty excited!
  5. Oh, good grief...they went ahead and finally updated things a few days back. Haven't seen any announcements about the June 2020 version of the rules being no longer valid, so you might still be able to download them if you search through the forums a bit. I was able to find the Beta Rules here: You'll have to agree to some terms and conditions in order to access them, and, of course, if there are any official announcements about using or not using these Beta Rules during Gen Con 2020, please defer to that. Definitely hoping some of the hype from Gen Con can be capitalized upon and we'll start to see some more progress, but who knows what the future may hold.
  6. I'll agree that details have been a little less than forthcoming. From what I've read, you can either create a character fully using the beta version of the rulebook (currently available in the "Downloads" section) or rely on one of their pre-gens (also located in the "Downloads" section - note that the links currently list them as "out of date," but no alternatives have been given as far as I know). Easiest way might be to take one of the pre-gen characters, change their name and backstory to something original, and then register that as your Player Character. We still have a few days before Gen Con, so we should still be able to message the session GMs with any additional questions.
  7. You might want to post a separate topic specifically asking the mods to clarify, but I believe the email they sent instructed us to use the "Play - Characters" option near the top of the website to create and log a character. Apparently, that'll create a unique code that we communicate to the GM at the time of the game...but, admittedly, I've yet to get started myself.
  8. Event registration just went live over on Gen Con's website, so I wanted to reach out and see who all was able to sign up for the introductory episodes that will be run. I was able to get in for Episodes 1 & 3, and cannot wait to get my first proper game with the new system.
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