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  1. Found team that's got more scientists than jarheads. Felger&Co. No idea if they are part of any SG team
  2. There are a lot of wording issues in the file to be addressed
  3. We use the two interchangeably (I'm an Astrophysicist actually among other things), mostly context-dependent. I suppose case could be made in contexts sufficiently divorced to make them into two slightly different disciplines. Technically SG1 had 2 scientists on board - one more into humanities and languages and the other more into natural sciences, but they complimented each other well. Even O'Neil was an amateur astronomer and good old Teal'c picked up plenty of ancient history over his century-plus lifespan, (yes, it's still history, even though he knew some from that history personally). Just like everyone in SG1 knows how to fire a gun or two and every one of them had to demonstrate diplomatic acumen. All of them are renaissance, uhm.. persons. And no, of course I did not list ALL examples of where a highly skilled team is tossed into unknown to fend for themselves. We can spend good long time violently agreeing on the subject. As for "Specialist team" - it's not the same as "monolithic team". Just like the "specialized vehicle" is not carved of a single slab of special metal. It's a team put together to solve specific types of problems. That's it. There will still be someone to give orders, plenty of people able to handle a gun or first aid kit, at least someone knowing their way around med kit, someone, who knows how to fix things. But if it's a science team - it'll be much better at extracting information from environment than hunting Jaffa, and if it's a med team - you should expect them to patch people up faster than build a rocket. The primary problems they solve do define the group make up, but it still doesn't mean all team members will be identical.
  4. I should point out, that Astrophysicist by nature IS an astronomer ("astronomist"), EM/wave physicist ("light physicist") and particle/high energy physicist ("nuclear physicist") - you have to learn all that stuff before you become an Astrophysicist. That's besides obnoxious quantities of Math, solid ComSci foundation and surprising amounts of Chem. There's a reason cross-disciplinary studies are a thing - Scientist's most valuable talent is not in knowing a bunch of things but in learning new things. “Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one." Also teams that operate in completely unknown setting potentially completely cut off from any support need to be as broadly specialized as possible - like real world astronauts or SG1 in the series. Teams that follow up can afford to specialize. Like SG3 is basically their "troubleshooting" unit. When something needs getting shot - nobody's better. If shooting is not the primary option (like R&D project, breakout containment or diplomatic mission with high-Tech society) - SG3 will probably sit it out or come in backup capacity, to keep an eye on the eggheads, so that those don't get eaten by a local lifeform or something.
  5. From what I divined - before episode 10, so anywhere from "right at the credits" to "within a week", which is of no consequence, but word of god surely wouldn't hurt...
  6. Yeah, the only truly deadly weapon we have is Zat, and that one only because we have yet to come up with a way to bloat exhaustion levels beyond slave background (that amusingly enough can take 2 zat charges and survive).
  7. In the series the combat knife gets thrown quite consistently - 2-3 times per season, O'Neil uses it more often than handgun (for actually attacking) it seems Combat Knife (Shortblade, Tech Level 2) - the standard prep-1 equipment Shortblade stats: d4, melee, bulk 1, finesse Thrown blade stats: d6, 5-30, bulk 1/5, be it darts or thrown axes Does the combat knife deal more damage when thrown o_O? Cannot one smash a target with a throwing axe in melee? Sure there are special tiny throwing blades designed for mostly distraction and poison delivery, but why is it bigger damage than a hand wielded man opener? Also - the eventuality of the weapon throwing (especially knives, axes and spears, but also improvised weapons) should probably be covered. Same as butt whipping - pretty much any longarm makes for a particularly nasty 2h club hefty and with plenty of hard edges, which is usually designed to hit people with one end, and armies all over Tau'ri teach recruits how to do just that as part of basic training.
  8. I always liked touch AC and flat-footed AC - the idea that some forms of attacks can hit you and while not necessarily get through armour still affect the armour itself or just slam into and push/throw you - platemail and all. That said, while allowing for those while DMing I played plenty without those rules and it worked out fine. While favouring preparation it also focuses more on the combat, which I feel detracts from the game. It's better to make exceptions for a few really special attacks to make those feel extra special, rather than stack up more on the system that has specifically designed to get rid of the undue complications.
  9. The first time nanobots and "replication" were mentioned was early in the first season, when O'Neil ate the interesting cake and had to stay behind, while the team was figuring out what to do with the little buggers that mess with the human biology and on occasion eat up lab equipment... The replicators were not a thing at the time, but the writers were playing with the concept already...
  10. *Shrug* It's just math. Meanie is someone, who thinks that it's normal to unload a 50 round clip at a horse and then watch it gallop away...
  11. A Draft Horse (not even a war horse): Armor Class: 16 Hit Points: 175 a 5th lvl SG team - 4 people armed with P90s, all with Dex 14, all specializing in p90 - have 50/50 chance to hit the horse, 75% on full auto, double damage dice from the bonus feat 3/4 hit on average, dealing (11+2)x3=39 damage per turn on average, taking 5 rounds to kill one horse - 4 people unloading about 60 rounds at the poor thing over 30 seconds, and hitting it with the quarter of them rounds. While it's dealing 20 damage every other round, since it hits 50/50
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