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  1. It would be nice if the original episode 3 could be unofficially released as a non-canon episode if some of us wish to run it with out local groups. That was one of the games I had the most fun with at GenCon last year and am bummed that this is not going to be officially released. I was really looking forward to running that for my game group and get them excited about the game (like it did for me).
  2. I don't know if I read the Kickstarter page wrong but it sounds like they are giving access to the 3 episodes we played at Gen Con if you purchase the add-on for $60? While I might understand that price for the full 13-episode run, it sounds like it is really just $60 for the three adventures. That's very steep. I hope I am wrong and they will either provide it on the site eventually or give it to Kickstarter backers as a thank you for backing. After all, us running it will generate interest for others to purchase the system. Just seems like free marketing to me.
  3. Rank 2 Human

    Class: Engineer

    Enrico entered the Stargate program after coming back to Earth from one of the first Stargate missions that the original SG teams performed. Having a very high aptitude for engineering, science, and piloting, he was rushed through the Air Force academy where he passed with flying colors. While at the academy, he studied engineering, physics, chemistry, and mathematics. He gets a kick out of piloting F-22 Raptors but is generally a level-headed officer willing to do whatever is presented his way. He tends to be pragmatic and looks for the best solution, even if that means a temporary surrender, retreat, or surveillance. What he does believe is foolish is rush into action with more bravado than brains.
  4. Rank 1 Human

    Class: Scientist

    Military astrophysicist, much like Samantha Carter from the show.
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