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  1. I made a twitter with funny stargate and 5e refferences and declared myself the "5e spiritual guru" Check out my post.


  2. Life is like 5e, you have attributes, some of us have feats.... and sometimes you roll with a disadvantage.  That's why modifiers are important, you have to take whatever upperhand you can get because you can't always get the advantage. Sometimes the GM Throws you some bullshit but you've got enough HP to take out him and his mobs.


  3. I haven't read the whole thing, the book suggest that ancient egypt was more advanced than people admit I think the idea, later in the book suggest that egypt found and hid a portal, ive heard the theory before with the ishtar gate being a portal so/
  4. So I've been reading this book called "The Stargate Conspiracy." I got the book because of the topic, I haven't read anything in it about stargates yet though. What I have read is it claims that their are secret rooms being excavated in the great pyramid, claims of a moblike group running the pyramid in the 90's, some stuff about edger caycee's theories on atlantis and their role in egypt. It also talks about how theirs some sort of conspiracy to hide historical data found in egypt by egyptologist. Has anyone else read or is reading this book and do you have any idea of when it actually s
  5. I thought it meant overlords in the descriptive terms.
  6. A tok'ra armed with a zat would be formidable, the hp boost and chance to stun? >
  7. So this corona virus stuff got me thinking. What if there was a mission where an ancient base was found, but the bases sensors detected a virus, locking the gate, the engineer has to make adjustments to gate systems and is able to open the gate to the base. Once there a lockdown happens and humanoid replicator like bots come to "Quarantine" they have the choose to either escape a room after capture and fight off the replicators or they have to fight the replicaters from the start. they have to find computers and systems that basically tell that the base was over run by some still potent p
  8. Universe was one of the best scifi/drama series. I have a theory that Rush was an ancient and that the destiny was his ship and he was responsible for all the time travel events that happened in the show.
  9. Game is looking good. Once i heard stargate was making a tabletop I had to join. alot of what I've seen so far from feats to origins and missions is really great.

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