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  1. I don't know if that's the official term, but I'm gonna make sure to use "Gatemaster" in any game I play for the GM..
  2. I've read all of the McKay novels. Hated the last two as they didn't have any resolution. The best part was in my copy of the movie novelization, which I ordered off of Amazon, I found a Stargate ticket stub... You better believe THAT's staying in there! Really wish we could have seen those energy rifles and whatever the stargate was originally supposed to look like. I can't quite picture it the way it's described.
  3. Actually using warm white LEDs behind pure trans-red. Tried using trans-orange but they just looked yellow. Also shown in the last pic: you can also rearrange the chevron pieces to make it look like it's "engaged".
  4. I just thought people here would be interested in my Lego Stargate, currently up on Lego Ideas. The Stargate is a freestanding ring that comes with an attachable event horizon. The Puddle Jumper has a full interior - cockpit seating for 4, a door separating the aft section, drawbridge rear hatch, retractable weapon/engine pods, and [I'm particularly proud of this] - fits through my gate! I've been able to also fit the chevrons with lights and they're animated at home. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/a67a2e2d-d485-4374-afcf-9b20ef3c689b If, like me, you want more Stargate in everyone's lives, please help support this! [Apparently Lego only recently allowed SG-1 related material, when I first submitted this it was Atlantis only, so you won't find the SGC or SG-1 on the site, but I think it's still pretty neat!
  5. I'd be interested, I'm in MD so expecting an online game somehow if this gets going. I understand why they designed the game around the phoenix site, it offers possibilities, but really wanting something based out of good ole Creek/Cheyenne Mountain. Thinking of a soldier/scout character.
  6. There's a pretty detailed SGC computer simulator program out there, might that work?
  7. Hello all, name's Jake and I'm looking forward to getting into some games of this system. Haven't done too much, mostly Shadowrun 5E and a little D&D, so don't ask me to GM, but I'm up for a good game. Already working on a few character ideas. My brain says ex-Jaffa, for the weapon skills and healing, but I'm leaning towards the idea of a refugee Abydonian. (probably stems from reading all 5 of the movie sequel novels) Wondering if a medieval Knight could work, say from the Unas Devil world from season 3, though that would seem to be limiting as it would suggest a greatsword or other shortrange weapons. The ma'tok may be a grossly inaccurate weapon of terror, but at least it can function as both a ranged weapon and a club! Probably not a horse, can you imagine a horse's reaction to the wormhole? Though a Velociraptor mount......
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