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  1. I am using Susanoo (The Japanese god of sea and storms) as a System Lord in my home brew adventure. SG1 encountered Amaterasu as part of a System Lord delegation during the series, and Susanoo is her sibling in the shinto religion. Plus I borrowed heavily from an L5R adventure book in an one of my early episodes.
  2. Character sheets are there! I have been running my sessions on it, and aside from a few things like diplomatic encounters being harder online (voice software kills the feel you get at a table for those sort of things I find) it works fine
  3. Can we get a little bit more info on the changelogs? "Latest update with new material." is all well and good but it would certainly help to know what new material we are looking at without going through everything again. On another note i am thoroughly enjoying running this on roll20 and my players seem to be having a blast too
  4. Absolutely, my group had no problem using them testing out the two gencon missions.
    I'm really looking forward to this. To say that Stargate has been a major part of my life would be an understatement given that I met my wife on the old official Showtime website! I like that it is set within the structure of the tv series but at an arms length, it allows more interesting stories to be told that can link back to the official canon without having to constantly break the narrative to do so. The Aturen are a nice way to allow players to play a Nox like race again without breaking the established lore and having a playable race that far outstrips everyone else in terms of abilities. I was concerned with it being 5e based as i find the d20 system to be one of the least enjoyable rules systems, although the modifications made to class system and the introduction of Moxie for "social combats" I think are great additions and should help alleviate some of the dungeon crawl aspects that D&D all too often falls into. I'm going to be running the two Gencon Missions with the premade characters in the next week and am keen to see how well the system handles itself!
  5. I really love the d6 system, and your right it does seem quite playable!
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