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    Near human. Eyes change color with emotional state, and can move from visible spectrum to infra red. Immune system is compromised, with only Tau'rin made immuno-boosters and a solid preparation for every mission keeping Domovi fighting. +2 perception +2 int -2 con -2 char. Trained operative on Tau'rin's version of an SG-team. Specialises in assassination, and recovery of Gu'auld Tech. Tau'rin is a Gu'auld test world where the inhabitants were genetically modified to create superior hosts. the result was massive failure. The project, and the world was abandoned. It was assumed that the failed experiment died out, but the survivors stabilized enough to create a civilization. Building from the Technology left from the Gu'auld Masters, the Tau'rins step back into the universe to seek revenge.
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