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  1. Is there an official Discord server for this game?
  2. How can we start without the core rulebook, PDF and/or hardcopy? I'm a backer of the Kickstarter at the highest level and still only have the beta document.
  3. I use Foundry VTT and Fantasy Grounds exclusively.
  4. Here ya go: https://stargatetherpg.com/files/file/16-stargate-rpg-public-beta-rules/
  5. I just barely was able to get the money together for Gamer Bundle myself. It hit while I was broke, but thanks to my mother I was able to come through. Thankfully, she gave me a loan. In a few weeks they are going to send out the Pledge Manager and when that occurs you can login and upgrade your pledge to a different tier if you like!
  6. I would like to use this thread to list all the differences between the current version of the beta document and the Quickstart. Please list out all differences you have noticed here.
  7. Thanks. I am all-in and backed at the Gamer's Bundle level. I couldn't miss out on Stargate.
  8. Greetings from Columbus, Ohio! I am putting together a beta group here now.
  9. I just found where this is explained in the beta book. Thank you, Deriachai. I am trying to wrap my head completely around Determination.
  10. Is Moxie intended to determine turn order for social encounters only or is it also intended to be used in combat in place of Initiative if a players opts to use it instead?
  11. Is it possible to please get a hint if we are close to another beta version release? I ask because I am considering printing and binding (I have a machine I own myself) the 6/13 beta release for use for my upcoming beta campaign.
  12. I know the Phoenix site is off-world but is it mentioned anywhere as to what planet it is on? I am currently in Chapter 10 of the beta PDF, so if it comes in a later chapter there, I apologize.
  13. Reading through the descriptions of Short Rest and Long Rest it mentions you roll a number of HDs equal to your level and that is what you get back in regained HPs. No normal D&D 5e you regain those rolled HDs + your Constitution modifier in HPs. Did Stargate change this on purpose or was it an oversite?
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