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  1. They received over 2000 comments on a version released as part of the kickstarter in November and have been going through those, as well as professional editing.


    MGM approval has also been taking longer than planned as evidenced by the patch only being approved last week.

  2. Det definitely takes some getting ones head around.


    The root though is that they are points to control people in social encounters.

    Each round anybody who wants to go, wagers an increasing number of det points to be able to go. If they don't they can support somebody else for a bonus. If you pass your social check, you keep the points, if you don't, you don't.

    So there is risk, but not always spent.

  3. I think this is developed enough now to share.


    My game doesn't use Roll20, as I personally am not a big fan of its interface (Bwhahahaha GM Mad with power!). So that I could still see their sheets, and help people create their character I made an automated sheet for them to use.

    It has been updated several times due to comments, and always happy to hear more comments of changes people would like to see.



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  4. 9 hours ago, chpexplorer said:

    What is td

    Tension Dice,
    A major mechanic in the SGP rules.


    Basically at all times a level of tension is defined as a die size, and various abilities then run off that die size.

  5. New set of comments after 10 episodes


    • Class/Race Ability
      • Invisibility duration for Noxian Pacifist not defined for non combat situations. How long should it last?
      • Can Word in an Ear be used repeatedly?
      • Diplomatic Expertise says “4rd” as well as “Presence” - what is that?
      • Hak’tyl is just the lady Jaffa group, not all Jaffa on Tretonin
      • Attack Specialist being free at level 5 is only mentioned on page 19, not within the class, so easy to miss.
      • Engineer level 2 shows Tech Specialist in the feature table, but nowhere else


    • Equipment
      • Weapon ranges are unwieldy as is.
      • MALP variants in feat don't mention the same malps as the equipment section
      • Tactical Helmet is in the Light Armor section, but states Heavy in the table
      • Zat doesn’t indicate the DC of the unconsciousness save, just that there is a save
      • F-302 lists as being the ancestor to the X-301, X-302, when it is the opposite


    • Feats
      • Nothing new


    • Other
      • Font used for page number is almost unreadable
      • Pursuit Rules are confusing.
        • How do all the various Position, and Lead actions coexist? They seem to all act in opposition to each other.
        • Halt seems absurdly overpowered as is, no save, nothing where range matters, just instantly out.


    • Typos
      • Introduction: Stargate Phoenix Site “A well-kept secret for years, even from some SG-1 teams” should be “SG Teams”
      • Jaffa: Tretonin: “Jaffa who take Trenonin” should be “Tretonin”
      • Kelno’reem should be Kel’No’Reem
      • Tau’ri Weapons: Sidearms “personell”
      • Galactical Position System is listed as having an acronym of GPA?
      • Goa’uld Equipment: Common Devices “theck level 3”
      • “Pep Talk” does not appear in Diplomat Features table (43)
      • Downtime Feats - “Physician” should be “Marksman” or similar


  6. You are correct, I didn't got the gencon, and have mostly ignored the Living Series stuff.


    I would agree that your idea there is better than that established one. Interestingly while talking to my friend in the Army, he did express that visibility would be the primary concern. (Including of course being able to focus on a target, as well as combat problems)

  7.  So in our game we have effectively replaced the weapon system with a similar one, but a little more defined.

    Still plenty of tweaks to make, but figured I would share.


    Note: I still need to add the new 1613 version standard mods.



  8. 8 hours ago, 1001100x02 said:

    Which was entirely my point. You don't make the weapon less efficient just because you don't want better results on a less efficient RL attack move. You modify the check based on whether the tool is being used correctly, not modify the tool itself to bias the check into giving the results you want.

    Within the confines of the current range system, all I can do is optimize the given data for requirements of the scenario. Since the range numbers are for a combat scenario, not a target scenario, those are the numbers which should be used. If you want to replace the system entirely like I have already done in my game, then things can be treated differently.


    You are normally the one arguing though that we cannot change the existing system for some reason.

  9. 1 hour ago, 1001100x02 said:

    Those are situational modifiers, which as we've seen from the rules introduced in the gencon quick start guide are easily introduced. They have nothing to do with the physical capabilities of the weapon itself and trying to baseline nerf weapons to make up for the failure of GMs is poor design methodology

    Attacking following movement without taking the aim action aka "firing from the hip" should just flat out reduce all ranges by half; Surge serves nicely as a significantly priced character option to negate this inherent penalty on a once per combat basis. (Consequently, the Hip Fire feat really should be renamed to Point-blank Fire or even Melee Fire.)

    Except the default numbers are exactly shooting from the hip.
    Maybe we should do such affects, but that isn't how the rules are currently written.
    Hence talking about it in a comments thread.

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