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  1. You ask, I deliver. I just asked a friend of mine who is currently in the Army. The following numbers should be read as a standard accuracy range, I would argue that the way we would apply them would be the combat distances would be a good first increment distance. Ideally with more like the 3.5 ish range increments than the 5e ones, but I can be only so picky. Target: (based on ratings for fire arms) Pistol: 50 yards SMG: 200 yards Rifle: 500 yards Sniper: 1800 yard Combat: of course fuzzy Pistol: 20 yards SMG: 100 yards Rifle: 200 yard Sniper: Undefined.
  2. We actually have this exact issue in our game, and it has been interesting to deal with.
  3. You mention "A trained soldier firing an M16 can consistently hit a target over 500m away." Recall, that in a system like this, all attacks are being done with effectively no aiming time, while running and being shot at, not at a target range. Within 6 seconds a character can move 6m, and shoot, while being shot at, or having other effects.
  4. If anything, there are advantages to shooting lying down, though would depend on which weapon.
  5. So you are agreeing that the numbers are ridiculous? Why have you been arguing they aren't? It is all well and good to say that the GM should modify to suit themselves, and that is exactly what I did, but what about new GMs, or just non-confident ones? Intentionally putting in poor quality stats with the intention of the GM modifying them is a poor way to go about it. Why not do something like use reasonable ranges for standard, and disadvantage range, then have some further penalized max range. Or some more creative solution.
  6. Because a single record shot, from a stationary position, with a compound foot bow, is any way comparable, to shooting a primitive bow on the run. Should literally a character who is just barely proficient, really be able to almost match that shot, with just disadvantage, while running and being shot at? Does that not sound ridiculous to you? In case you are unaware, a foot bow like that (ignoring the compound part right now) has a significantly longer draw length, which therefore has significantly more power (exponential growth)
  7. Since you brought up the bow, Another interesting point. I do Archery, with a modern bow, and 50m/200m is pretty crazy range. Now we can assume that somebody who uses a bow for their primary tool would be much better than me, but 50m is already a fairly long range for a bow, 200m is basically entirely outside most bows range, let alone just disadvantage. I would say a more reasonable 40/100 would be plenty. Not as far off as the firearms, but still off.
  8. I would agree that something like that could work.
  9. You are right, I was incorrect to say 20m, but at the same time, you are basically dead isn't the concern, accuracy is the concern. But you also mentioned the larger issue. a rifle, marksman rifle, and SMG are very different categories of weapons, and using the same numbers for them is problematic. Rifle marksmanship qualification is only done at 100-500m, not longer, and that is with rifles. 1800m is clearly sniper rifle territory to even have a chance, something like a P90 isn't going to be anywhere close to accurate at that distance, let alone just as accurate as at 201m. While I would agree using theater of the mind does make it easier, which is exactly what we did, the raw numbers then just get in the way. In our game we simplified to more simple melee/short/medium/long range increments based on FATE style scenes. quick and easy to describe, without having to quibble over exact distances. Also splintered out longarm into standard SMG/Rifle/Sniper Rifle to also make it so there isn't P90s sniping at almost 2 km, which is fairly ridiculous, and with the current rules can be a standard occurrence pretty easily.
  10. As has been discussed previously, basically all of them are absurdly long. Not only are they unrealistic, keeping track of any sort of battle is unwisely as to make use of those ranges requires an absurdly long map. Due to being a online game doubles down on it even, as it is harder to get stuff drawn out, with consistent distances, and if we try to use any sort of battle map software, imagine how far the 1.8 km range of the P90 is? Even the 200m short range is basically longer than any battle ever is, also far far longer than any sort of reasonable "short" range in reality with a P90, which would probably be closer to 20m.
  11. Since the feedback forum is only viewable to staff, I figured having more comments are good. Hello, Below are the current comments for our current game after a few episodes. Separately, what is the plan for further releases? In the COVID announcement it was mentioned that they plan to keep releasing versions every couple of weeks, but nothing has come out for 2 months. Obviously everybody is dealing with changes of plans, but just curious what the plan is. Deriachai Class/Race Ability Invisibility Duration for Noxian Pacifist not defined for non-combat situations. How long should it last? Can Word in an Ear be used repeatadly? Diplomatic Expertise says "4rd" as as "Presence" Equipment Weapon ranges are unwieldy as is MALP variants should probably be in equipment, vs in feats Grenade variants are mentioned, but not clear Feats All Tactical feats require Tactical Flexibility, so technically a soldier cannot choose any of them at first level. This is also true for Scout and Survivability. Cultural Proficiency is ambiguous. Does this give proficiency with all cultural weapons/armor, or is it a requirement for additional proficiency feats? Either this should be much more expensive and give everything Or it should be cheaper/eliminated, and use individual weapon proficiencies Why are soldier feats named tactical feats? Tech Specialist seems to reference no longer existing requisition rules. Are Engineer feats supposed to only apply to a signle person, whereas the other class feats apply to the entire team. Other Rulebook doesn't clearly state whether or not MP from the first 5 levels can be spent, or is basically just XP Font used for page number is almost unreadable
  12. Our purpose wasn't to become a murderhobo party, but mostly to clarify the existing rules. If anything this restricts the players more. As it is, this actually binds the players more to what is available on base, and what they are actually able to requisition. Players are welcome to rearm themselves after the briefing, and this way I can be more free to have interesting restrictions or stories which force the players to think about their equipment.
  13. in my game we replaced the weapons with a similar system but more specificity. So a few more classes, and then guidelines to upgrades. Importantly, partly due to the extreme ranges, but also to deal with remote play, we replaced the entire range system to one more like FATE.
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