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  1. I think the most recent is the 0613 version, it's in the files section of the Public Beta Playtest group
  2. I mean, I totally get why from a game function perspective - there's a reason why vanilla 5e has a currency baked in - but I personally Stargate as a show/setting doesn't have a galactic standard currency. I know there's been a lot of debate about when game mechanics beat out the setting, but this doesn't feel like one of those. Imposing a galactic standard currency to me just doesn't jive with the setting, and for the most part, all the equipment/food/rest needs that currency helps with in standard 5e are hand-waved thanks to the near endless resources of Phoenix Site in the game, and the SGC in the show.
  3. I've only run about three episodes of a homebrew campaign, but on the few occasions trade has come up, I've usually used bars of Naquadah for pretty much this exact reason. Also 'cause in Vala's first episode in S8 she's trading the Prometheus for a crate of it. It feels like a good standard for a barter economy, not a full currency, but a mineral with a generally accepted value/use that can be obtained by a wide variety people by a wide variety of means
  4. It's not and I never actually played it, but there are some playthroughs on youtube. They're basically just standard Goa'uld, so you can give em whatever personality you like. The macguffin is the "seven arrows of sekhmet" some sort of superweapon with seven parts that is never actually completed in the episodes of the game that was released, so you can do whatever you like with that as well
  5. I've cribbed Amun and Sekhmet from the Stargate SG-1: Unleashed mobile game that came out a couple a years ago. Plus it comes with an easy macguffin you can tie the season around.
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