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  1. Hello and welcome! If you're still looking for a group, feel free to join a little discord I've set up! You can dm me if you have any questions about it Welcome to Phoenix, Gatekeeper!
  2. If you haven't joined a group yet, our group is in need of a GM! You can join our discord here.
  3. Welcome! I've been trying to put together a small gaming group over on Discord. Feel free to come check it out if you're interested! Here's the link. Hope to see you there! And once again, welcome to the site!
  4. Hey y''all! I'm fairly new around these parts but that doesn't mean I love Stargate any less hahaha. I've been looking for an online group to play the game, so I figured I'd just drop a line here. I set up a discord group so feel free to join it here! If you're an avid gamer of other things also feel free to join! Also, if this helps in any way, I'm set on the West Coast (usually free in the evenings PST), so just take that into consideration if you want to join! Looking forward to meeting you all!
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