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  1. While discussing things that came up on first missions. We probably should have some March rates. Being told to leave a FRED of supplies behind because it is faster to get back to gate without it doesn't make sense when it is capable of moving much faster than the team can most. Average US Army/Marine Loaded march is 19 km in 3 hours (6.3 kph) compared to a FRED's Movement rate of 10Kph in the book. If FRED is to be slower than a SG team march, its movement speed needs to be reduced by Half. Even if we go off 6m move, double move for 12m for full hour (10 turns a minute, 60 minutes), we only get to a speed of 7.2 kph (March speeds come from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loaded_march )
  2. Personally, I think level 2 should have a choice 1) Organ targeting 2 ) Advanced First Aid: You can now use your med kit as action a number of times per person equal to proficiency modifier and medicine checks are at 2x prof bonus. Medics at level 2 must pick one of them. This keeps the flavor of the combat medic (MArine with first aid training for the field) while allowing the more paramedic/pacifist medic. (Navy Hospital Corpsman). Sort of difference between Colonel Potter/Frank Burns vs Hawkeye pierce from MASH tv show. Two view of a medic in a warzone near front lines and often had to heal under fire. There were a number of episodes where the pacifist had to be right at front line with the troops with guns becuase he was stablizing them and getting them back to the hospital. Noxians are the only pacifists, just the only ones whose racial abilities depend on it.
  3. I am interested and I have roll 20 account but I doubt that I could have a character ready before tonight as I haven't even fully read the rules of the beta. I used variant of the Kulera template in ep1 (changed to represent true noxian pacifist vs standard ateran
  4. I played the first mission for Gencon online but if you are talking about your own game instead of the Living campaign, I am definately interested. I get so little playing time vs GM time (l5r gm) that I would love to play. IF you are doing living campaign, I would love to join starting mission 2 and onwards.
  5. I most definately would like to play this episode and continue healing those that are exploring hte stargates.
  6. I most definately would like to play this episode and continue healing those that are exploring hte stargates.
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