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  1. That was in fact my intention. I am accepting expressions of interest for a PbP in this forum as it is currently unused. I am running a live campaign for my own players as well so happy to use the materials for both and see how the two groups tackle the scenarios.
  2. As time zones don't permit very easily for me (Australia) I'd prefer a text based session. If you go that way I'm happy to play but I'm sure you can get a few more players yet! Good luck!
  3. Basically will this be a live voice session or a play by post hosted within the roll20 platform. I know roll20 fairly well and I have considered doing a play by post with it.
  4. Will you be making it an offline game or online? If offline I'd love to be a player.
  5. Currently I have 5 players locally after they got a kick up the butt. I do intend to live stream the session but probably voice only as video needs alot of prep work. I would also be releasing the recording as an edited podcast format. First session is currently slated for 2100 AEST Friday this week. Hopefully that will not change. Livestream will be on my youtube channel Divine_Wind.
  6. Normally starting about 2100hrs Melbourne time.
  7. I guess roll20 could work as it does allow offline actions and a persistent tabletop.
  8. Ultimately it's your choice and as long as you and your players keep engaged that's the main thing
  9. Quite possibly as a couple of my players are dragging their feet with chargen.
  10. Good Morning Campers! Gathering interest for a forum game seeing as nobody has started one yet. I am a GM but would love to be a PC for a change as my local group always makes me GM. However if no other GM step forward I will be happy to run a campaign. Points to consider: Post frequency? Player Cap? Race caps?
  11. Alpha Site Melbourne VIC here, all gate travel has been banned from the SA base due to contagion outbreak. All personnel to remain in their quarters unless reporting for essential duties.
  12. Hey All. Gatemaster from Melbourne AUS. Gotta say cant wait to get my first beta campaign under way and for the kickstarter
  13. This is mainly directed at the Administrators. I was thinking to publish my online discord campaigns as a podcast so I can share my groups adventures with the community and give the devs something to analyze in real time instead of a feedback form. Is there any issues with doing that? Just wanted to ask here first before going ahead and doing anything.
  14. I am in the process of setting one up but we are Australia AEST.
  15. This to me sounds like a specific mission rather than an overarching story. Eg: Go through the gate, use a mirror or similar and then explore the new universe. stuff happens and you lose access to the mirror so have to find it to escape this reality. In order to make it an actual setting you would need your team of PCs to escape the planet and use the stargate system to explore from there never having a home to return to, scavenging and creating their own tools to survive. Its interesting to consider but without leaving the reality or planet, the goa'uld hitler only serves to create an opportunity for players to become a resistance group on earth. My 5c anyways.
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