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  1. tyleonhayes


    Rank 1 Aturen

    Class: Scout

    This is not a real name for this character. I will work out a name soon. Honest. Hopefully I can edit it as required too... Aturen Scout Character.pdf
  2. But that isn't a core part of their racial benefits. They do get to use the symbiote physical save advantage and their kelno'reem feature from the beginning of the series. But I've since had it pointed out to me (and completely agree from my play experience) that their +TD to tech checks is one of the most useful racial abilities (at least for an engineer), so I'd definitely now be less disinclined to play a Tollan in the series.
  3. I agree that rules (or at least a sidebar laying out options) on how to handle intra-party conflict in this kind of encounter would be beneficial - Stargate is often features moral questions and difference of opinion is to be expected and encouraged. The natural inclination of the npc should be factored into their threshold for the encounter. From a 'dissenting' player perspective, I guess it would be most rewarding to have their arguments 'deduct' successes effectively raising the threshold, but pacing could definitely become an issue there if it just kept going one way then the other. There is a mechanical limit to the length it can go on though - with the DP cost going up to participate in each round, sooner or later the participants are going to not have enough points to wager, even if they succeed all their checks, a player with a max DP of 4 can't participate in round 5.
  4. Rank 5 Tok'ra

    Class: Scientist

    Dr. Wright blended with a symbiote to prove he had isolated the Tok'Ra gene and found it in the specimen he was studying. Nyzel's value as an ally was enough for the authorities to turn a blind eye to the insubordination and risk Jamie took, and have them assigned to the Phoenix site. Together they seek out ways to destroy the Goa'ould, through swelling the ranks of the Tok'Ra once again, and enhancing the abilities of the human body. Dr. Wright is a slim 6ft British man, with short but curly dark hair. He gets tunnel vision around his research, and only thinks about the consequences if his symbiote prompts him to. Nyzel believes that the greatest atrocity committed by the Goa'ould was the stifling of human advancement, and is keen help to rectify this (at least in those he considers ready...). Nyzel level 1.pdf Nyzel level 2.pdf Nyzel level 3.pdf Nyzel level 4.pdf
  5. Managed to get all three as well, at somewhat reasonable times for me in the UK. Very excited!
  6. I've just been reading the Series Guide and it says that the Tollan Phase Shift device is not series legal, but in V041920, which I as far as I can tell is the most up to date, one of the racial features of the Tollan race is "Phase Shift: You add a phase device to your base kit". Does that mean in the Series, a Tollan PC cannot use this benefit? Or are Tollan an exception to the ban on phase shift devices? Update: I found the v061320 version of the rules (which doesn't seem to be obvious in the downloads section - only found it because someone linked it), but this trait is still on the Tollan.
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