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  1. I enjoyed this one. Sometimes a silly night of RP is just what the doctor ordered. Some things we did that I will remember for years: Chatted up several rock stars. Released "Chucky" into the galaxy - what could go wrong. Became a cartoon, and our party leveraged that - we ordered from ACME, we used Cartoon Physics and had a blast. Spaceballs - "what's the matter Col. Sanders...." So good... Keep it up - felt like the humour of the Stargate fun episodes I liked so much... If you are a super serious crunchy RPG player, I get this wasn't your deal - cool - maybe the next one will be 100 Jaffa and a system lord to fight...this one was just fun. PS - the name for the fey creature being PUCK - come on - so good...
  2. Great job, played all three games, was a really good time. Top marks for both content and the teams who ran...Special to see Brad dropped into a couple games to see how it was going. Spoiler, loved that I was responsible for the release of a terrible scourge from the 80's on the universe...
  3. I was lucky to get all three sessions, two Thursday and one Friday, can't wait.
  4. New to the site and the game - have created my Character for the three sessions for GenCon - looking forward to this - huge SG fan, love me some TTRPG so this will be a blast.
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    Dax is the son of a former Capt who served in the original Stargate mission that saw Col O'Niel and Daniel Jackson find the original group of settlers and the encounter with the first Gould. He only found out about the stargate program later in life, after a distinguished career in both the air force and working on experimental propulsion systems. Eventual he got to a high enough clearance and was show alien tech to aid his work - as well as a briefing on the stargate program. It was at this time he learned his father's true fate. Dax volenteered to join Phoenix and is excited to make a difference in the universe.Stargate_RPG_Fill_Character_Sheet_dax.pdf
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