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    hot-headed and cocky fighter pilot Archaeologist.. As a Tollan Archaeologist Lara Croft, Narim's niece grew up and went to a Local "college" on Tollana, to be useful she learned to fly at a young age and worked part time on the surface delivery craft (SDC). During the mission to bury the gate on Tollan home-world, she lost her Mother and stayed with her uncle Narim. Lara was quite interested in the stories he told her upon his return, she eventually got what the Earth people call a film, her favorite was Top Gun, during a Taur'i visit. After Graduating her college she left aboard the Tollan space program where she worked as a fighter pilot, aboard an exploratory vessel.. Leaving Tollana behind. The ship got into a battle with the Goa'uld, being destroyed. Lara was outside the ship and crashed on a planet, luckily enough with a Stargate, where she used her phase device to go to earth for help, actually destroying the device. They did not appreciate that, but helped her because she was holding her copy of Top Gun with a note from Sam to Lara. Broken bones and mental damage when news of the destruction of Tollana. With the promise of her help on a classified spacecraft research project for physical therapy, she watched re-runs of 80's movies even her favorite. After she returned to what they consider Active Duty she joined the Phoenix Site as a test pilot. LCStarbuck.pdf
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