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    From the Journal of Isaac Wheeler – Date: The Void + 8 years -Basics: Human/Starship/Politician/Scientist/Survivor with Cultural Experience -bio photo by: IKO-Studio, https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/close-portrait-business-man-wearing-nerd-142335958 Isaac Wheeler_v3.4.pdf
  2. It's a great question tetrasodium! The thumb is supposed to be parallel to the trouser seam when standing at attention in place. This video is made by the National Guard, but the positions are true of all branches in the U.S.
  3. I originally posted this in the Wyvern Gaming Discord, but feel like it's better served posting it here. I really don't intend this to be negative and hope it hasn't come out that way. I also understand in storytelling that sometimes accuracy has to take a backseat to fun. I hope I don't come across as nitpicky in this. I love the concept and the work you've all put into this. I'm super excited for the Kickstarter later this year and will jump on all the add-ons you offer! (*hint hint*) However, would you like a military consultant on some of the artwork or mission dynamics I'd be willing to volunteer (no credit necessary). I'm an active Navy Officer with 5 years in and there's been a few points that have been bothering me like the attached. As I'm not Air Force, I can't comment on Air Force specific points readily, but I could find out fairly easily to provide feedback. I only bring it up because even watching Stargate now, I love how much respect and accuracy the show pays to the military. I attribute that mostly to their Air Force advisor.
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