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  1. Did not have a good experience at all with this game. The original message we got beforehand was incredibly confusing about picking an established character or making your own. (The phrasing suggested you had to pick a character even if you were making your own.) Several people in my group wanted to make characters but could not access the necessary materials. Then there was the expectation to register our characters on this website, even though we weren't playing our own characters. It was eventually explained to us we could change the info for those characters when we made our own in the future, but that was not at all obvious. For the first hour and a half, there was nothing but dice rolls. It was not clear why were doing things in town other than to gain advantages for a conversation we could not known about ahead of time. And the convincing of the three locals made no sense. If we failed to convince them, what would have happened next? It seemed to be the jumpoff point for the plot. Mechanics were not clear, and there was no RP. That was the point where I left the game in utter frustration.
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