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  1. Somewhat expected given the Pandemic. However, I would think that at least online gaming would be encouraged as a way to help with Social Distancing. I'm excited that this sees the light of day. Keep plugging away and definitely keep those of us here that are interested informed.
  2. I know this is boring but I would love to play Human. Mostly because I've watched the show and always thought how cool it would be to actually be on a Stargate team. So, in essence I'd be living vicariously through my character. Other races that excite me to potentially play: Tokra, Jaffa I'm looking at the others and remembering the series am struggling to see how they wouldn't create headaches for the storyteller (though some in this thread have pointed out the Elder Tokra and I agree). A lot of these races seem more like NPC allies or at best antagonists. If you are following c
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